Beauty at Car Wash  

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4/19/2006 3:32 am

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Beauty at Car Wash

I was sitting at the car wash waiting for the oil to be changed in my truck, when an amazing sight walked past me. She had the most unusual figure I had ever seen on a woman. She was small, very thin, but had the largest breasts that I have ever seen on a woman.

I have only seen breasts like that on one other woman, one that I worked with across two states, and she said that they were very painful. That they hurt her back and that she considered a number of times having them reduced so that they wouldn't hurt as much.

I hope that the woman that I saw yesterday doesn't have that problem. I almost came in my pants just looking at her.

She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but it was one of those outfits that left 1 / 8 of a inch of skin showing between the belt and the shirt. Why does that little bit of skin generate so much desire. I wanted to slide my fingers between her jeans and shirt and slowly make my way up to those huge beautiful breasts that were hiding from me on that little thin frame.

I wonder if she would have liked that? I wonder if that was another missed opportunity to share pleasure? We will never know. If her back was hurting I could have rubbed it and made it better. I will never know, but I will remember the event of seeing her.

Thank God for all the beautiful and diverse women!

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