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4/22/2005 6:22 am

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My story

I went to bed one cold night in January, feeling very horny the sheets were cold as I slid between them, I go to thinking of all the woman who live in my apartment block, the woman who had been sun taning just a few short months ago. There is this one in particular who is about 6' tall 135 lbs she has long jet black hair that reaches down to her lower back, my mind was racing into a fantasy of me taking her from behind holding her hair like they were the reins of a horse of doing all the awesome things you could imagin.

I wacked off and sort of felt a little better, got up to have some water and decided to take the dog for a walk. On our return climbing into the elavator, she came through the entrance I held the doors of the elavator for her... I could feel my cock starting to fill and push up against my jeans, as I remembered my thoughts of her, from nowehere I said to her thank you you made me a happy man earlier, she asked me to explain myself which I did, her floor came and she said to me, well you can have it for real as long as her husband can watch, not being a prude I said cool.

Her husband is about 20 years her senior, and was up for the exploit, we had roaring sex in the living room (me doing all that I had thought about and some) with old hubby watching on from the armchair, the old boy was getting pretty turned on, we were on the rug doing doggy and I pushed her over towards her old man, walking on our knee's, she took his cock in her mouth, as I fucked her from behind, he shot his load and she took it all, licking the last drops off her lips and chin.

We have regular get togethers now, sometimes we do it on our own, mostly with the old guy watching and every now and then joining in. She told her one of her friends and invited her over the foursome that insued was awesome, her friend and I have hooked up now and have our own fun, and about 3-4 times a month we have a group session.

This is my story be it true or not is for me to know, but having said this let me say just this one thing, having trusting group sex is awesome with no jealousy or arguments is the finest thing on earth. Thank you for reading this.

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