Chivalry lost? or just misguided? You tell me...whats your Idea of a romance, and courtship?  

tobornotobe2 49F
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8/25/2005 10:07 pm

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9/10/2006 10:41 pm

Chivalry lost? or just misguided? You tell me...whats your Idea of a romance, and courtship?

Many times, I have gone on a date with a gentleman friend, and many times, I find myself dissappointed in the turn of events surounding those dates. Maybe I just live in my dreams, and fantasies. Maybe those said gentleman were not brought up with the same values, and behaviors I have been brought up with.
I see in my minds eye, what is supposed to happen on a date. He opens the door for me, holds my elbow while walking up stairs, offers his jacket if I seem chilly, and holds before me, 1 pink rose, as a thank you for taking the time to meet with him. Dates are mainly to get to know the other. To see if there is compatability between the two. Tell me what your idea of a romantic date would be. First date or any date for the record. I am curious to know if the Chivalry of times past, has really been lost in the man of present time.

playfulwithyou33 56F
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8/27/2005 11:14 am

Don't give up...has met many men like that!

rm_64looking469 52M
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8/28/2005 6:09 pm

I believe in the same values as you, not just the first date but every date. I like to treat my dates as queens! I am sure other men feel the same. Don't give up.

LatinStroke1000 44M

8/28/2005 9:23 pm

I sooooooooo have a crush on you lol.

rm_NoTeezIn 46M
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8/29/2005 7:43 am

As I come pick you up, I walk to the door with a rose in hand. The butterfly's in my tummy are going wild as I walk up to your do to see you for the first time. I cant seem to stop smiling as I ring the bell. You come to the door and I take a deep breth. You open the door and your smile lights up the night. I give you a big hug and and I get to smale how sweet you are, I ask you if your ready. You say yes and I take you by the hand and walk you to the car I open your door and close it. we drive to dinner I get out and open your door and pull you out to me. I fill you soft hand as I pull you up to me and I smale your sweet smale again and smile with a slight mone. We get to the door and I open it for you and let you walk in as I stand back and watch as everyone looks at how beautiful you are tonight. I come up to you so everyone knows your with me and I smile. We get to the table and I pull your char out and help you in it. We have dinner as if you and I are the only ones in the room. We talk about all types of things. As we have a couple of glasses of wine I reach over and fill your soft hand. I'm just dieing to get close to you. As we get done we see it late and we both have to work tomarrow so I take you home. I walk you to the door and we chat for a little bit as I hold your soft hand a caress it. I keep looking at your beautifull eyes and sexy lip and I cant stand it any longer. I pull you close to me I lean in and softly kiss you. I smile because it was even better than I thought. I tell you I have to have another kiss and you smile and let me. As we kiss I hold you oh so tight and we feel eachotherwanting more and more. I pull awayand say its getting late, we both dont want to go but we know we should. I tell you sweet dreams and go.

tobornotobe2 49F

9/3/2005 3:41 pm

NoTeezin, baby, thats whats dreams are made of. SOOOO romantic, and respectful. I see more and more ladies looking for another date with you real soon. thank you sweety.

(Juan S)
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9/7/2005 7:32 pm

Chivalry hasn't died...It has just been beat the heck up by men and women...
Now days, guys don't know what to do with some women. I have actually had a woman get upset that I opened a door for her... I was just being a gentleman, walking into a store and doing the ladies first thing. Its on the individuals. There are gentlemen out there.

tobornotobe2 49F

9/8/2005 9:01 pm

Sizzle, just keep doin what yer doin. It's people like us that keep the hopes and dreams of love and romance of times past alive. The flicker of hope still burns....

an_ethicalslut69 51M

10/26/2005 11:21 pm

Well where I am from a gentleman always holds the door for a lady. He walks her to her side of the car every time. Opens the door, seats her and then closes it. He will open all doors and seat her in all chairs. He will take her coat and he will put it back on when necessary. He pushes her chair in when seating her, even if the maitre de at Charlie Trotters wants to do that. Now a gentleman always gets the lady at least one rose, but usually 5 roses of the pink and yellow variety, with some babies breath mixed in. It is critical that this be understood and accomplished as a social grace. The southern aristocracy would balk at a failure in this point. Such social failures will not be tolerated in the south.

Deep Pink is for thanks. It means thank you for going out on a date with me.
Yellow is joy at the thought of us being out on a first date.
The balance must be 3 Pink and 2 Yellow. Any other combination could be misconstrued. Orange would never included since it is a color of Desire that can be confused for sexual desire. Red on a first date would be a faux pas. Red is Love in most senses, but could be meant to mend a broken bridge, which you would not have as it was the first date.

So a gentleman would pick the lady up at a place of her choosing and take her to the restaurant of his choosing. Dinner is what a first date is about. Nothing else would ever be implied, ever. During dinner he would be attentive and kind and be himself. He would cater to her every need for attention and keep her engaged in playful and interesting conversation. His motivations would never be questioned since he would always be on the up and up. After dinner he would take her for a walk if appropriate. If the chemistry was achieved then the walk would work. If no chemistry was there, then it would be a shorter evening and the gentleman would escort her to the vehicle seat her and close her door.

Now in addition to this the gentleman could choose to bring some type of gift that was meant to be a gesture of kindness and reverance. Most likely a card of thanks along with a box of chocolates. Now in the south chocolates are construed one of two ways. One is if the flowers given just before the chocolates are the correct ratio of Deep Pink and Yellow, the chocolate is given as a purely subjective friendship and kind ness jesture. I Red Rosed and chocolate are given one associated with the other, then it is a sign of love and longing. In this case the chocolates say thare I want to give you the great pleasure of sexual bliss. Chocolate will do in the short term as the symbol of love, lust and pleasure.



goodguysneedit2 56M

4/24/2006 9:52 pm

I related well to what Sizzle suggested. The liberation of women has had it's great points,yet something has been lost.
It's very true that a man often doesn't know which route to take,though opening a door is a natural instinct to me.
The thought of showing up to a door with a rose in my hand strikes me with some very old-fashioned notions which seem really nice, but in all honesty it has it's problems. In these times,that rose could be enough to turn the woman away completely. Secondly, in the line of computer dating, chances are you won't be showing up to her door anyway as you are considered a psycho until proven otherwise; a rose suggests sincerity and hearted intentions---and 85% of the women on this site seem to want nothing more than to be brutally punished by multiple younger cocks that will dump endless loads into every orifice. (There should be some men nodding in agreement to that this time, a good date to me is in having some nice pre-date communications which has you both hopeful and eager towards meeting.
Whether you meet somewhere or pick her up, the successful first meeting begins when your eyes meet and they sparkle as you hug hello.
From there, it is nothing but relief as you recognize the joy of sharing the company of a kindred spirit who thinks similarly to you,whose thoughts compliment your own, whose disagreements to your own thoughts make you realize there's another side to every matter and you've been a fool for holding on so tightly to your own, as you bask in the sheer joy of getting along, smiling, laughing, and sharing in endless conversation without any effort at all. Your desire to become even more intimate is magnified with every minute,and the biggest pleasure of all is when it is acknolwledged by both parties the desire to see each other again. It's an overwhelming and joyous moment ...while inside yourself you think "Finally!"... and yes, you can here Etta James singing "At Last" in your head and heart, and it feels like life is just beginning. And finally..the kiss goodbye,which is really a hello.

I had this exact date happen to me about 3 weeks ago.
Also, you should know I had tears rolling down my cheeks while typing this to you, because as it turned out-- I would never see her again.
She was carrying emotional baggage that came back to haunt her, she got scared, didn't know what to say, but had to insist she couldn't handle a serious relationship at this time. It was a crusher.
I've never in my life felt so good in somebody's presence.
So..there ya go.

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