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8/4/2005 6:51 am

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The morning air was chilly and damp. The chill of the air made my nipples tingle with enjoyment as they gently rubbed against my sweatshirt. The damp air made my lungs ache as I jogged through the neighborhood.

The leaves have already began to fall. Beautiful. Everything was so beautiful, so many different colors. There was not many people out this morning. For a Sunday morning it was pretty bare but nice and relaxing. While I was enjoying my run I could not help but to think about my neighbor. Wow, she is beautiful. Her long legs and the short skirts that she wears so you can just see the bottom of her nice ass cheeks. And did she ever have a nice ass. Her long silky hair (I can imagine that it is silky, I have never felt it) and extremely dark eyes and skin. She was a slice of heaven. If only she was gay I thought to myself. Or even bi, I could live with that.

A honk scared me back to reality. It was her. As she drove by and honked I saw her wave. I started to run faster just so I can get a glimpse of those wonderful ass cheeks as she got out of her car and headed to the house. But as I approached her house she was not in her car, she had must of already gotten out and headed in to her house. I was bummed. As I past her bushes I can to an abrupt halt as someone tugged on my arm from out of no where. As I was about to scream she planted her lips against mine and pushed me up against her fence on the side of her house.

Her lips were so soft and tasted like strawberries. I still was trying to believe this was happening and not just one of my fairytales or day dreams. I knew it was real when she took my hard and put it between her legs and slid her panties over so that I could feel her hott wettness. Oh my god was she wett and warm. As I inserted my fingers inside of her honey pot she let out a shy scream of enjoyment and bit on my neck some. She pulled me in close to her body and began to buck. My hand became numb but I did not care. This wonderful creature was allowing me to touch her in ways that I had only dreamed about. I bit down on her nipple that was convienetly already in my mouth and teased and she squeeled in enjoyment. She was bucking so wildly that I knew she would not last much longer but I wanted so much to taste her sweet nectar. I gave her a quick kiss and dropped to my knees, as she stood above me I began sucking on her sweet pussy and licking madly. Sticking my tounge in and out of her while flicking her clit off and on. She screamed and begged for me not to stop. Hell no I would not stop, she tasted so good and was so wet and warm, I was going to enjoy these few moments left with her and my tongue inside of her. She pushed her pussy hard into my face and there it was, the sweet nectar that I awaited for. My tongue plunged inside of her and she screamed and whinned. It all came to an abrupt halt when we heard "What the hell is going on out here". Her husband had heard her scream and came out to see what was going on. I stood up with a jolt that said run. She grabbed me and planted the last kiss on me and pushed me around the corner. I stood there shivering with not fear but lust and satisfaction. I heard her tell him that she saw a snake and it scared her. Then I heard the doors close. A close call but worth it. My walk to home was filled with her scent on my nose and lips.

I walk slow around that bush now hoping that she again will grab me and let me please her. xoxo

Fun_n_Friends_bh 57M/55F

8/4/2005 5:18 pm

Good story. Geez....I don't get that kind of thing to happen to me.

tntkilo26 48M/38F

8/7/2005 1:23 pm

Me neither but I have a great imagination! LOL... Um...we can make it happen, he he...

sdfuckfest05 36M

1/13/2006 12:15 pm

you people rock

rm_bluejade2832 42M/39F

2/7/2006 11:41 pm

wow that made me all wet keep on girl.

kisses mel

tntkilo26 48M/38F

3/22/2006 2:07 pm

Hey thanks! I have been offline for a while and out of touch but I have kept writting so I will. I am glad that you liked it. xoxo

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