What's a nice chick like you doing.....  

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7/14/2005 12:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What's a nice chick like you doing.....

... lurking around a kinky place like this? And just because I'm here, does that make me uncivilized? Man.. I've been so proper and respectable for so long, I'm ready just to break out and be myself. I'm a happily married woman who is spoiled out of her gourd by her man. He satisfies me sexually more-so than anyone else have even come close to. He encourages me to let go and have fun and we've been in some pretty kinky situations. But they're all been soft swap as I don't know how I'll feel after seeing him fuck another woman. But lately, my feelings of wanting to be taken... of being gang banged... of being the center of a circle jerk... they're all starting to make me consider that I need to make sex be just sex and not worry that he's going to find someone that satisfies him more than me. I've had many offers from men who would be happy to just fuck.. but I want someone who isn't going to make my husband uncomfortable. I'm looking for additional fun, not competitive drama or cocky aggresivness. He would be really turned on watching me riding another man... holding that man's hands to my nipples or burying my head in his neck while I grind into him. But I don't want him to feel if I"m getting off on another man, that I'm any less saisfied with him. I almost wish he had a good friend that I was attracted to so we'd both be comfortable.
There seems to be a little spark with one individual I've been chatting with... he seems to understand what kind of strings there are holding me up here and is slowly tugging at the threads of the knots. Now if I can just find a way to bring it up to my husband that I've found a guy I may be willing to go all the way with. I don't want him to think I've been searching or that I've had any kind of torrid relationship with someone else. The couple we've soft swapped with are fabulous people but I don't have the drive for him that it would take for me to ride him. Sigh..............
thoughts of being crushed into this other man's very nice chest with him buried in me and my husband in me from behind... (we'll discuss my logistical concerns in another rambling...) Am I just a crazy woman.... I feel so unfaithful just thinking about these things but he talks about it turning him on to watch me get off.... do I throw care to the wind and try to get the hubby to meet him and see what happens? Ughh.. I jsut don't know-----

wellmakeyaknees 42M/48F

7/15/2005 1:07 pm

Hello Scarlet.We are a secure professional couple with many similarites. We too have experienced a soft swing and had a fabulous time. However after, I discovered that I wasn't as comfortable, as I had first thought, with the feeling of another man against my body. His hands touching me, the feel of his breath on my skin. It all sounded erotic until it actually happened.Maybe it's as simpile "wrong guy" or the fact that he was very different from man.Either way we have found that upfront candid discussion has been the key to making this work. If you have found a man that makes your imagination run wild then you should absolutely talk about it with your hubby. I'm sure that if it's presented to him in a comfortable "honesty first" manner he will be completely supportive. Also, may i introduce you to my man. He is 30 yr old quick witted muscular body and he's packing! + giggle + He is a very comfortable person to be around sexually. He has a uncanny atention for detail. I have never had anyone, including myself, give me the kind of pleasure that he does. He's amazing! Even though we usually play together I sometimes let him induldge himself with the right people. Who knows, maybe he could help you fulfill some of you lustfull desires. If you would like to talk more feel free to drop us a few lines. Till then . . .
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