Fake women  

tman321000 56M
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5/11/2006 7:49 am

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5/17/2006 5:25 am

Fake women

Some of you women are so unreal. You love to fuck different guys but u want to be sneaky while you are creeping. Well I don't mind the creeping because that make the sex much better. Just be honest about who you are as a person. I met this one lady online, beautiful person (mentally and physically) man could she fuck. I thought I had met my fuck partner for life.

A few months later she decided to feel guilty about cheating on her husband and I became the bad person. Did she really think I thought of her as an angel, every time I would be fucking her, I thought about how many other guys had been up in that pussy. She had to learn how to fuck like that somewhere. The problem I have with women whom say if you are attached or married don't contact me. Well this site is about finding different people to fuck your brains out on a daily basis. Women come on this site, spread their pussy for all to see and play the good girl ad. Give me a fuckin break.

I like a woman who know what she wants, not the women who come on this site to sell sex, guys can read right though that bullshit ad. We live in a sexual world, not a perverted sexual world. I would like to meet one woman on this site who know from time to time she like a good motel fucking and go home. That is what most guys want. You get to an age where love is a moral thing you need to feel, a good fucking is what keep you happy.

So women, stop faking your sexual needs. Stop limiting your self to explore your sexual needs. If you want to act like a slut for a day, nothing wrong with that. Be honest with your man, you prissy and uptight women, it is okay to go home and act like a whore or slut with your husband. I think he would like that, so he does not have to cut his eyes at another woman ass in the mall. I can honestly say sex is what keep us happy and smiling. Women who are not experience in being a slut to your mate, rent porno movies, learn how to suck your man dick right, keep him happy. Tell him how you like to fuck or be eaten out. Now that is being real, not fake.

rm_SensMaster 53M

5/11/2006 9:07 am

Though it愀 not easy to read - for me as a german - it愀 very easy to understand what u mean, and u r right! It愀 just the way it is - as much as it is concernig married or attached wives or girls.

The other side is, what i expected when reading the heading, how many women are real on an site like this? And how many of the real ones are real in what they are looking for? I扉e had very few live contacts through a contact side like this, but i had some - using a german online magazine which is also available as print here - and as always wrote what i惴 realy searching for. Out of about 20 dates there were 2 girls that knew what i was writing about - one of them was married (she didn愒 write that before and held it back for 2 months while having an amount of sessions with me - the hell knows how she covered my treatment). And now we are back on your statement.

I think i can feel very luck, that i found one out of the girls, who joined my (by my wive unsupported) alternative kind of sex for a couple of years.

But man you are 110% right!


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