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7/18/2005 2:14 pm

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My profile.

Ok, here's your chance to tell me what you think of it. Good? Bad? Too long? Too short? Too much detail or too little? Any bits you like? Any bits you don't?

All comments gratefully received and any tips on how to make it better (short of deleting it altogether or suggesting a facelift) are more than welcome.

LondonDerriere 36F
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7/19/2005 10:22 am

Well, personally I think it rather effectively captures your warped sense of humour. I'd probably be inclined to gamble on you (but only if you laid on some nachos) but I'm not sure I'd want to buy double glazing from you

Just kidding. Take care,


silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/14/2005 3:48 pm

very good

Not to long or to short

Silky x

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