bi or not  

rm_tjjh4fun 64M/61F
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5/28/2006 2:00 pm

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6/15/2008 11:01 am

bi or not

i can bi bi but most of the time i want a man to fuck me. being bi is not a requirment. when we meet a cpl it can be nice but not necessary

itsall4you20053 56M/47F

7/15/2006 8:37 pm

You're right, there seems to be a lot of people that are not truly honest with themselves as well as others. Our profile states exactly what we are and we are very honest with our wants and needs. We're not sure who we have pissed off but we are aware just how much we are being censored on this web site,Hell we can even get our Blogs posted.

RomanticDuo2006 71M/67F

10/26/2006 8:15 am

We,re in the same boat!!! I am 100% straight and Bev ,so far has never been with another woman but is very curious and would like to try the experience however its not a prerequisite at all.As a matter of fact we would be more at ease if Bi wasn't expected but something that we could take on a slower pace. Don't get me wrong, if she were to feel comfortable with a woman she would be more than ready to move forward and would be excited about it...its just not what she is totally about...she still wants a hard cock in her mouth and her pussy and loves to be pleasured by a man and that ain't gonna change.I think some straight (woman) couples shy away when they see that Bi-curious info posted on our profile. Their loss!!!

NewExperncs4US 59M/60F

2/4/2007 11:07 am

We both are straight. We make this clear in our profile. We respect others and do not pass judgment on anyone and their preferences. We do not ask people to change their orientations to suit us, and we will not change ours. We are straightforward in our profile so everyone understands. Although the wife is not bi, she has no problems with a bi lady as part as a couple. We have had MANY ladies want her to try the bi side, want to show her what she's missing, and some hint that during play in the heat of the moment she will somehow turn bi. When we reiterate our position some have gotten nasty, some take it personally.

On the Male bi issue: We made this EXTREMELY clear in our profile. We read profiles carefully. We pay particular attention to the sexual orientation of the male. RED FLAGS go up when in the sexual orientation part it is not filled out, or No preference is listed. Especially when the female part of the bio is filled in. We do not know if this is left this way as a way to sneak past people who wish not to engage to avoid lying or not. So far everyone we asked about this, the male turns out to be bi, bi curious, or "somewhat gay." I am still trying to understand what somewhat gay is. To me just getting a BJ is part of the bi experience. If a male is engaging in sex acts with another male, we are just not interested. This is our preference.

Again, we do not judge anyone. OUR preference is what it is. We are not homophobes. If we are going to engage with a couple we want to feel good about it, and enjoy sharing each other with couples we will feel comfortable with. WE have run into outright liars and people who try and deceive us. We have met a few where the profile says one thing but they say something else in person. Listing herself as bi, to get hits on their profile is not truthful, and if them being less than truthful about this is ok to her, what else are they not being trutlful about? This is a waste of our time.

If in a profile people cannot be truthful, and take the time to fill in the blanks then it is not in our best interest to engage with them. Who's to say people are telling the truth in their profiles? This is part of the get acquainted meeting we like to have to talk and get to know someone before exchanging body fluids. We feel if we will respect others, the very least they can do is respect us. It will make the entire time together an enjoyable time for all, and leave everyone wanting more.

flyBeaker 46M  
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5/17/2007 1:02 pm

I went all the way one time it was cum is not a bad taste and as for as the other part he went slow but she knew I like it i was hard as hell fucking her as he fuck me. But that was fun but not for me

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