week in review ... 1984  

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10/29/2005 9:43 am

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week in review ... 1984

Alright, this has been one hell of a week. Most of them are. Anyway, there are certain things that you should never do or hear from anyones mouth.

Years ago my cousin and I decided that it was a good thing that we were female, because if we were not, well, we'd be the worse kind on men. Every chance we got, we would be getting girls drunk, slipping all kinds of pills into drinks or mashed potatoes, you know ... the 30 year old men at the college parties. I would be such a player, with lots of girlfriends and baby mommy drama, I'd put my cock in anything that ... well anything. I would not need the non-discrimatory wingman, I'll be back in ten for your friend too. SLUT to the extreme. So, now you see why I had to be female. I'll go into the reason I can never be skinny some other time.

That whole story was told so that you might understand the humor of this one. My poor nephew has been so sick, and has had a horrible tummy ache for the last few days. Constipated. So my grandmother sent my cousin to the store to get some laxitives and/or castor oil, and suppositories. He was not down for that. So my sweet 70 year old grandmother says "I wish he'd got to sleep. When they fall asleep you can just roll them over, put a little oil on their little butthole, and it will slide right in without them knowing." So, appartently, it's genetic.

GOOD NEWS! He finally pooped on his own.

The cousin that should of been male, the one that settled for the water-proof, not so water proof anymore vibrater, had an incident with it, and all I am gonna say is that the smell of burning pubic hair was the least of her problems.

OH YEH ... I started my new job this last week. I did make 1000's copies, and ran tons of errands, but I really do like it. Boss man is as quiet as I am, and his taste in crappy music isn't too bad. Who am I to complain, it's a job. (PS thanks again)

OK that is all I will overload your brain on right now. Tonight we are having a poker game and instead of cash .. we are gonna play for candy, YEH!! This is gonna be the best game EVER! Unless I lose ....

AtomicArtist0 45M
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10/29/2005 1:50 pm

oooops...sorry, they didn't seem to post the first one, then wrote it again. posted twice by accident. still...its pretty hot!

AtomicArtist0 45M
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10/29/2005 1:48 pm

wow! the thought of a seventy year old grandma turning me over in my sleep, oiling up my butthole and sliding something into my bum is...well...actually kind of hot!

AtomicArtist0 45M
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10/29/2005 1:44 pm

wow...the thought of a seventy year old grandma turning me over in my sleep, oiling up my buthole and sliding something into my bum is....well...actually kind of hot.

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