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10/31/2005 7:47 am

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Alright, my sister is ... there are so many words to describe her. Immature, mean, stupid, there are more, but I'll be nice. She is finally decided to be a big girl and kick her husband out. Piece of shit that he was. What ever made her think that an man that is constantly drunk, that hates her kids and most of her family, doesn't work and likes to hit would make a good partner. So you want to be afraid?? I don't get it. SO .. she kicked him out on friday, saturday had a normal day, sunday went on a date with some guy, and when she gets home, he starts calling because the friends that he's with got pulled over ... and the driver got a DUI. This man wanted her to walk to Walmart (it was 30 degrees outside and after 1 am) with the babies in a stroller, and pick up the truck so she can take them somewhere. Hello!? Got to love GJPD (that even hurt to say) they came and got her to take her to his truck. She just left. Good thing the car wasn't warmed up. So I sat with the kids for another hour before they got back.

OK I know that my nephew can be alittle bit of a brat sometimes, that is what I love about him, and actually he wasn't like that when he came into the picture, but I won't go off on that. How you can dislike a infant, its beyond me. Anyway, I really don't like it when they come in ... my brother-in-law (and when I say brother-in-law, I mean asshole) and his drunk friends come in, with beer, wake up the kids and then threaten to "spank his ass" because he is crying. A sick two year old crying in the middle of the night after being woke up, he probably deserves it. NOT that my sister's any better, she seems to be taking the whole situation out on the kids.

Sorry about the rant. I was reading blogs, because I love you all, and I ran across BigGirl's What's wrong with me?... who is CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND (something like that) ... and a kindred spirit, someone that I definately relate with, and it made me think of all the women out there, and men too, that would rather have someone make them misrable then being happy and alone. Those thoughts brought me to my sister. ARG.

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