boys have cooties  

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10/14/2005 12:59 am

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boys have cooties

I'm sitting here, just finished watching some random chick flick with my cousin, which she cried through most of, and one of many things that I was thinking about was soul mates. I actually think that we have more then one, because there are different needs that we all have, there are the best friend soul mates, the random person a thousand miles away that has just something ... like a pen pal soul mate, there are several I feel, and as your life changes so do your needs. I'm not saying that your love, that soul mate will be disposable, or that you will grow tired of that person and trade them in, just that you need people in all areas of your life that will help you through it. I agree with you, you do need someone to spend time with, to share stories and watch movies, because the company is great.

Do you want to know what I miss most about a relationship? The kissing. Not just making out, which is NICE, but good luck kisses, the good job kisses, goodnight/morning kisses, the welcome home kisses, the just because kisses. Sounds cheesy huh? Well I am a girl like that. So as horrible as it sounds, kissing is key. I am not that superficial, that it makes or breaks a relationship, but when you are dreading it, or thinking that you want them to get off you, and leave you alone, then maybe it's time that you do something. Like get a cold sore. OR mono. Drastic, I know, but think about the alternative, having to wipe a ring of saliva off of your face, which is raw from the whiskers and acid eating at it, because you have been making out like drunk teens for hours. Lots of tongue is great when its used below your neck (ears are good, too), but give me a break.

I once made out with this guy on Christmas, uh huh (long story, it was my sister's brother, from a different mother and if you don't understand that, well, fuck off, and there was lots of booze involved), and there was so much tongue. Hoping that something would change, I kept at it, in a alcoholic frenzy, and apparently he was in one too because he started sucking on my tongue. It was ok for a moment or two, but after a while, well it sucked (literally) and he actually sprained it. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT??? Needless to say, we never kissed again. The tongue thing, and the restraining order.

Hope this Christmas is a good as last .....

watchmesquirm 45F  
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10/14/2005 7:58 pm

Amen Sista! A fantastic post about kissing!

_pretty_fly_guy 31M
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10/14/2005 6:48 pm

I would love to meet you under the mistletoe then lol

1# worst kisser ever

Di47Him51 63M/59F
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10/14/2005 5:39 pm

OMG - You really tickled me. Only because I can identify. Kissing, when done well, words cannot express the joy, or passion, or peace. The weakness in the knees, the breathlessness, that dizzying high that says "come up for air".
Then there is the hoover - yeah that sucks, but you keep thinking, "it will get better" - hope springs eternal and then the sprained tongue - lol
You are right about soul mates. I do believe that there are people that touch our souls in differant ways and at differant times in our lives. Or for that matter in differant ways and at the same time. Unfortunately though I don't believe that any one person can be all that we need them to be all the time. Time goes on and if we are lucky we evolve and grow and if our soul mates grow with us, that is good too.

dano6332 56M

10/14/2005 2:03 pm

but to actually sprain your tongue? wow that is a first LMAO Your sisters brother? Read Traveling in Texas he has a much more twisted family line.
Thanks for the great post

rm_talldarkavg1 105M
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10/14/2005 10:18 am

Kissing is the greatest form of communication I know. It says everything.

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