New years for kong...  

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12/31/2005 9:53 am

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New years for kong...

:: SIGH :: ... Here I am. Fresh off my boat trip to the Big Apple, New York City. As I wait in the line outside port authority, I realize how good it is to be off the island I loath so much. Excited. Wow, am I ever excited. I have been anticipating this trip for a week now. Ever since the idea came to us in what started as a joke and then grew and grew and grew into reality. A moment of excitement and an opportunity that very few would ever experience or dare.

"The whole world will pay to see this,"

That was the statement asked that started it all. In a joking manner, reserved only for those who have only just found each other and are lost in the excitement of maybe having just met their soul mate, the answer was, “Let’s do it like they do in the movies. People meet everyday. We could make it something special to post on the internet”, so an idea was birthed and after hours and hours of talking, masturbation, arguing, encouraging and dry humping, the time has finally arrived and the seed that was planted in the mind of new friends and possible lovers way back in the past was now in actuality. I am here. Not Me. I am lost. I sink back, weak. Strain, but arms held tight, legs, neck, chest, hips. No fight. The flash, roar, jar. Eyes burn, ears ring, gasping, jangly down my spine and everywhere. Earth surge and roll. I crawl, fall forward, push to get up, pull my knee up, collapse. I lift my head, heart heaving. My cock. My cock. What am I? Where? How long did we fuck? Tilting, rising, dropping, floating. I have no roar, just rasping breath. Semen in my nose and mouth, choking. There is some humming, tugging, on my massive thing as I strain to see. I am in New York City.

My cage is placed in the truck, they tell the driver my destination and off we go. I watch as Manhattan appears through my bars. I don't know this feeling, as if I have been dreaming of this moment. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement. My entire body shivers with a thrill of the unexpected and dreams yet placed into her mouth. I lay my head back and watch as the city appears before me. When I was little, I had been bi-curious about the opening, where the Gong was, and where my cock would sneak in and out. Sometimes I had pushed it in the little creatures, playing, and I always pulled out. If I came, not only would my load nearly kill them, but the pregnancy would rip them from belly button to knee. Not just the little females, but the piles of melons too, bananas. We had our pact. The little creatures’ forgave and healed quickly.

His cock is, as the marquee proclaims, "The Eighth Wonder of the World."

This dream. We’re in my lair, the jungle outside, where I can see the rivers, hills and trees, and far, far off the little creatures’ wall. My Kong Gong and the blonde that arrived two days ago, resting in the bed. I’ve proven my power. They all wanted my prize. I hold her in my palm, amazed. I’ve never seen a twolegs like this. She is limp and sleeping again. I’m sitting down with my legs out. I bring her close to study her, her funny skin. Not just the pale and hairless, but the peach satin skin. I tickle her clit, very gently . No reaction.

So here I am at 3 PM waiting for my show to open in Radio City Music Hall, so excited I can barely contain myself. Something important is happening. They wash me, brush me down. Lots of them, all busy. I am on the scaffold again, lying down, the waist thing holding me, wrist things, ankle things. There is the lifting, swinging. They move me under a shroud. I am chained inside a moving, rumbling, shifting thing. I am hard again, like from the flashes, but something different this time in my food. I am horny.

Finding that everything is perfect, I walk outside and I am immediately in the midst of Time Square foot traffic. I would love to walk hand in hand with her through the crowded nights during this weekend, to have her take me in her mouth in Central Park. I have an hour until sundown. I want her to trust me. I want her to play, like I always want them to. I want her to jump over my fingers and roll in my palm, climb up my arm, feeling my fur. I want to stretch out on my stomach and pretend to sleep, feel her explore, rubbing against my nipples, coming closer, closer, touching my face, my eyelids, my nostrils and lips, enjoying my strangeness, then climbing down my face, wading across my mouth, pausing just a moment and sliding down the other cheek. Just thinking about it makes my skin twitch.

“The things she could do, I dreamed, when the worship urge infused me, when my male parts dazzled and my member stirred. What was fucking like? Like this? She fit in my hand like my cock did itself.”

4:48 PM Just a little under and hour until our meeting. I hail a cab and await its arrival. Hopping on it, I say “Empire State Building,” I watch the humanity flow out the driver's side window and think of all that I have planned for this evening. Sunset is at 5:33 PM. I had planned my time so that I will be there early to make sure I can keep the west side under surveillance for an early glimpse of her in person. After wards, I will escort her downstairs to a waiting cargo van I have scheduled to take us to a fantastic little restaurant I know of. Ready for the future, this is our first step. After wards, we shall head to our musical.

I am weak. I only breathe and roll my eyes or close them. Too weak to care. She climbs on me, pour water in my mouth. I swallow. My hunger burns. Back and forth she is about to come, climbing and standing on my chest, beautiful melons, familiar tastes, indiscriminate licks. I salivate, swallow, so little. Heat, the wet, cold. I dirty myself. I jerk them off, or don’t. Can’t lift my head. Can’t raise arm or hand or knee. There is no other life.

My fantasizing is interrupted by the planes circling the Empire State Building. Incredible anticipation is building inside of me. All of my hopes and dreams are at the end of this climb. I have awaited this moment for months, weeks, days , hours and minutes and I now stand at the base of one of the worlds most famous buildings to scower with meet my dream.

I shuffle around the peak and experience the fight of my life as it begins its slow ascent. When the war ends, I will leave and follow my heart. I will find the perfect spot to stop and watch both the western side and the place where people will come out to observe this feat. The wind is cold, blowing through my coat but I cannot feel it now. I am warm with anticipation. How will this work? Will it really happen the way I've imagined?? Will their be passion? My nervousness is overwhelming but I am here. Oh my gosh, I am finally here. At the top of the building. I dream her noise, like no other creature’s noise. I am CUMMING, she squealed; beyond myself, beyond terror, beyond rapture, I am alive. I thrust. I am in heat. I am absolute. I am pure. I am out of my skin. All around is me is alive, she sings. The others never sang. They were always dazed and limp, as if they had been readied for me all their lives. They made no noise. They never thrashed.

It is now approaching 5:25 PM. Time for her to arrive. My mouth is dry and I am shaking from nerves that have nothing to do with the the cold. Christmas lights everywhere. If it is not too late, I want to do the horse and carriage. Of course it is lame, but tonight is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The time is perfect, her favorite music already ready to go when we arrive. Pourable candles and low lighting. Rose petals and chocolate cover frog legs await us. Boon's wine, her favorites, available to us. I strain to look as if to glimpse her. I strain to hear, strain to smell, any faint trace of her against the briny air until I can’t tell if I really do, or if I just imagine what I crave. What does she do or pretend with him as in her truer nature she knows me, but fights the knowing? Why doesn’t she come look? Is she safe? What do they do, same sized? He must seem puny to her, bland, deaf and delicate. Do they mate? Do they wrestle and chase? Do they groom each other? Am I fighting nature, jealous of their kind? I have these thoughts. But there is nature beyond nature, likeness beyond kind or size.

"I watched them sometimes, the way they set traps and circled in packs."

I have been watching but no one has appeared that looks like her yet. Stuck in traffic, she needs to hurry. The sun is making its move downward. We will walk to our legs content. Anywhere we want to go with no set plan, as long as there is a blow job in the park. We will talk and laugh and hope and dream together. Talk about how fantastic tonight was. In the evening, we could attend the Rocketts Christmas Show, walk through and play and laugh in the worlds greatest toy store and dine at another fantastic restaurant. Half awake, I let my bowels slip. The twolegs scurry around; they have a thing around me that they take off when I am foul. What have they been feeding me? They spray me with water.

"I am the last of my kind. The only one."

I tear off some of her clothes, her legs bare underneath; like the skins the slither creatures leave behind, and yet so strange. Not animal skin, not leaf or rind. I look again, more closely, and peel more off her shoulder, same thing, what is it? I sniff it against my nose, concentrating, a musky, flowery scent, her scent, dazzling back behind my eyes. I want more. She is so soft to my finger, breathing and alive. But her eyes open, her head rolls, she sees me close-up and moans, opening her legs; then she curls and clenches in my grip. I bring her to my nostrils, that scent, tickling the back of my head, like sap from a broken tree. I tickle her again, little strokes with my finger, and again. She moans and starts thrusting her hips. Again, my finger rubbing and feeling her warmth, the slippery pink skin. Like fluff, her yellow hair. The pulsing of her little life. I sniff my fingers, deep sniff, ummmmm! Again! Deep back in my mind, I like how it smelled, spicy and ripe. I am about to lick and lip her, curious to taste, when a rock noise startles me, pebble rattle, back in the cavern! Where? I fondle her. Here, ME, I try to comfort her.

I suddenly realize the cold as I stand there. The sun continues its fall closer to the horizon and a sudden realization is beginning to dawn. I am up here alone. I anxiously watch but no people arrive. In my mind it is now a race between her walking out and the sun crossing the finish line to extinguish my dreams below the line. Crushing my hopes and dreams. Stupid cunt. The taste of ash fills my mouth as my head continues to swivel back and forth. Frantically searching faces and forms. Nothing. The sun is now inches from the horizon and I am literally willing to beat the shit her at this moment. To knock her tooth out. Slowly, but quickly, the sun touches the tip of the horizon and I feel the first drips of cold water rain upon my fur. Overhead, beneath the clouds, I see a familiar shape, once, a flapper snapper passing slowly, huge, droning, gleaming. Sometimes others. Sometimes circling, noises, high pitched, low and tearing. I hear the humming always of the hive. What are they doing? What are their tricks? I know never to underestimate them. Like magic, they can feel me; so small, yet in numbers bigger and stronger than I am. They have light inside their hives. From below their lights sweep like sticks over the hives and high into the fog and mist. I must escape. I must protect. I am stealing her away. They will never get her. She is mine. Perhaps too, she can teach me their secrets.

One more feeble yet anxious look at everyone on the observation deck. Nothing. She is not here. Bitch. I feel my shoulders slump as I slowly walk to the western side of the building and stand there, alone, and watch as the sun disappears into the horizon. I notice for the first time a chill upon my cheek where my tears grow cold now after being touched by huge fingers. I stand there and watch as the top of the sun is swallowed finally and with it my dreams. She stirred my fantasies, and my memories, my longings to be Dirty Sanchez. I could be playful again, not always on guard. I loved protecting her. Partly I knew that my longings could kill. That was a danger. When you play or fuck too much you could kill without meaning to. You had to measure touch to just that gentle lightness, all alert, all sensitive. Feeling as you felt to her, entering her. Damn, she'll be tight. So silky, so warm. The pleasure to fingertips. Over and over. Feeling her go clam, relax, the quick but steady breathing, yielding to my touch. She is nearly ready for me to enter her.

"How did I get here?"

I do not know how long I stand here. Time seems to have stood still and emptiness the only change. I just know it is dark when the man taps me on the arm, tells me it is time for the observation deck to be closed, screams and runs off. Shaking myself from my thoughts, I work towards edge. As I approach the rim, I take one more slow look around the platform to see if there is anyone standing there, perhaps alone, dejected and broken, besides me. I could jump. The opposite sex sucks. They are parasites. They infest things and move them and make them move. Collectively, like some giant creature, they are capable of feats beyond my will or dreams. They know things I do not. They made fire and light and pain. This is their mystery. Yet everything in their world is dead, except for them, except for things they drive and control; except somehow for the fire they bring, the fire they need from some living place. I roar and beat my chest.

There is no one there.

Fuck this. Slowly I retreat, nearly slipping, climbing back down to the street. As I drag my knuckles down the sidewalk, I think of all the things I wanted from this woman, and all I really need in a relationship. It is then I decide I should go south, because they are straight freaks, and I hear everythings bigger in Texas. And after all I am Kong.

havenbliss 43F

1/3/2006 5:01 pm

Awesome, I heard about it from AA and had to read it for myself. You are one fantastic bitch, keep it up!

AtomicArtist0 45M
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1/2/2006 10:20 pm

hey, look...its all the members of the crass pack in a row!

AtomicArtist0 45M
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1/2/2006 3:05 am

man, this is something else! Just as I was trying to declare myself Blogland's Prince of Puke, you come along as the Queen of Mean. I speak for both you and Kong...not only are your cocks bigger than mine, but your balls are bigger than mine, too. My crown goes off to you, dear. You're my hero.

1023 posts
1/1/2006 7:29 pm

Tipadee, do you recall the first comment I ever made on your blog? Well, I'm serious now, you're my hero and I believe that we are destined to diamonds and jewels or something.... ^_^

craptoast 39M

1/1/2006 6:45 pm

Is this really how it ends? Kong gets all introspective? Maybe I should go see the movie...

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