The world according to the singles sceen  

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9/12/2005 9:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The world according to the singles sceen

I haven't posted here for awhile and well guess it is time. I have talked to a few wonerful people here and some real... well lets say not to pleasnt people. I have met with a couple real great people here and hope to continue meeting with them. But most of my experience here has been a little .... well not real good.

Maybe is because I am a single male here or may be other obviouse reasons also. But seems I develope a friendly relationship with someone and we decide to take it farther than online and soon after before we meet they are gone never to hear from them again. I'm not a pushy person... I don't force myself on anyone.... and I really am a really nice person. So what the hell is the problem here. Are these people I talk to so messed up they really don't know what they want??? And doesn't anyone have the guts to just say I don't want to continue this?

I would really like to here from others who are having this problem also. And if anyone has some advice for me fell free to give it. I am at wits end here and to be honest have a problem trusting anyone I talk to from here any more.

angel_wings2005 52F

9/13/2005 5:42 pm

I know that TRUST is a major issue- I have made the mistake of GIVING my trust up front....willing to trust - and then when I get slammed- again and again- I wonder why I don't make them EARN my trust. I am working on that !!! maybe we should start our own little club.........

tinytool22 58M

9/13/2005 10:01 pm

You are correct there angel... Trust should be earned. Trust, respect and intimacy go hand in hand. Intimacy is not a word that just goes along with sex. Trust + respect = Intimacy Hmmmmmm! Bet that isn't the definition they give in the old but is mine.

When my marrige of 20 years ended My then wife ask just what did I want from her? My answer was a little trust and respect was all. Never did get that.

I started out as a teenager able to trust anyone! Over the years unfortunatly I have learned not to do that right away. I have been ask by some why I am an untrusting person and well I have been slammed one to many Now I have to work at it I even told a woman I dated that she would have to earn my trust (now that is hardcore)

I really don't like to be alone and really enjoy the company of an adult woman (yes I mean an adult acting woman) Someone that likes to just take off to nowhere special and enjoy each others company. Do what ever comes into mind. Sounds easy....LOL

And last!! My goal.... lets call that my dream. To have a person in my life I really can trust and to respect... I would give my left... well never mind that LOL I would give anything to have that for real and not pretend. Up to now in my life this has been nothing but a fantasy... thought I had it but in realality just a fantasy.

Now this is some serious And I'm going to stop before my head explodes

angel_wings2005 52F

9/25/2005 12:57 am

miss.PEGGY5055 just how many times has mr.TINYTOOL been married?reason im asking i dont want see my friend hurt or done wrong again in her long had you guys been dating this last time?


9/25/2005 1:22 am

update the blog that was left for TINYTOOL was from me and not angel.i was on her computer in the kitchen under her name she was setting right here beside me.waiting for your responce on the question that was asked by me.when message was left it showed under her screen name.she is right here as im writting this blog still in her kitchen.PLEASE LET THE TRUTH FLOW FROM YOUR FINGERS!

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