The rules are...there are no rules  

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4/1/2006 8:04 am

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4/4/2006 6:31 pm

The rules are...there are no rules

Just when I think I have this thing figured out...made my list of things I am looking for in a guy/ fuckbuddy, my world gets turned upside down. Case in point: I went to a "new friends" house very recently. I had met him at a park in the daylight a few weeks ago. I honestly didn't think he was interested, hes the first guy I have met from AdultFriendFinder that didn't kiss me or try to grope me or even expect anything on our first meeting.
So we were online chatting and he asked if I wanted to come over, we could just visit and have some drinks. What could it hurt? The guy didn't try anything the first time we met.
This man is funny, intellegent, such a pleasure to just talk to (I know, imagine that!). He lives in a nice neighborhood, has a good job, loves his kids. (he is divorced by the way)
He offers to give me a massage and some time just focused on me *gasp* this for real? A man who isn't dropping his pants for an immediate blow job? I lay on his super comfy bed, undressed down to just my panties and he lays beside me starting to massage me with oil. And it feels soooo good. He is taking his time and not missing an inch...laying across me at times or on top of me, where I can feel his warm soft skin on my back. I am dieing to kiss him. He has great lips...and remember this is our second time together and still no kissing. I ask him if I can kiss him and he makes a cute remark that we are just being friendly. I said, you are naked, laying across me massaging me...come give me a kiss!! We kiss and it was soft, sweet, a little wonderful.
I won't give away all the was that time of the month for me *sigh* so we couldn't have sex. But we did other things for entertainment.
Back to my heading of this blog....I can no longer say I want a person who speaks spanish, or a person who is young, or old, has a full head of never know what will apply in a situation. I would love to say that I am totally in fuck buddy infatuation with this guy....but he may read my blog and think I may turn in to a psycho nympho stalker or something. So, I will just leave it at this, he is the best time I have had in a really long time...and we didn't even have sex!!! I'm Hoping he is not a one time deal like a few of the others.
I have to show him my other talents you know!

rm_tobasco2004 42M
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4/3/2006 8:40 pm

I'm a big admired of your blog. You're probably the most articulate (and exotic) written since Anne Rice. I would like to meet sometime. I think you'll like what you'll see. I'm an USAF officer, a dentist, good at massage (soft hands), and maybe later you'll find out how long--good I am in bed. Thanks for the many sexy posts.

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