Some days I love being a big girl!  

tinamarie125 43M/43F
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3/31/2006 7:37 am

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4/2/2006 6:13 am

Some days I love being a big girl!

There are days when being a big girl is not so fun (like when you go swim suit shopping)...give me some vodka and lortab for that event and it might be a little fun.
Now don't get me wrong, I miss the days when I was a size 10. I didn't even think I was cute!!!
But in my job, I get to meet people from all walks of life. And evidentally, alot of guys like big girls. Now, I know that part of it may be that I am just really friendly, talk in sort of a sweet, innocent phone sex operator type voice, call people baby, honey, love...and I wear low cut stuff w/ my cleavage showing. But hey, I love attention from men! Even if I know there is no way under the sun I will ever fuck you, I still like to tease and flirt.
I have a particular customer who adores me....he is african american, tall, deep voice (not really my type)...but he hugs me, tells me things like "you are so damn cute", and just last week, he said, "god, i could kiss you!" I was shocked! I just giggled and said, awww are married! He said, ummm she isn't here anywhere right now.
Then I had an older man who is a customer invite me to dinner last week. I told him I had to go work out...he said, baby, you don't need to be working out. You are perfect just the way you are! I thought that was so sweet, but he is like 70 yrs old and ewwwww ok, I have a "daddy fantasy" but not a great grandpa fantasy. It still made me feel really good. And he told my boss on the way out that I need a raise! lol
So yes big girls can be sexy, flirty, beautiful....Im happy w/ me...even if most of my compliments come from men who are totally not my type. I will take them any way I can get them (the compliments pervs!)

HeardLankaMalls 55M
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3/31/2006 11:20 am

Compliments should always be given no matter what. It never hurts to give, or receive.

Hugs, C

rm_rlsktb 63M/64F

4/1/2006 8:20 pm

    Quoting HeardLankaMalls:
    Compliments should always be given no matter what. It never hurts to give, or receive.

    Hugs, C
i agree there is no way i would trade a real woman like you for some skinny woman.i guess it has always been the most pleasure to bang a real woman,but i for one would love yo be teased by a rubenesque woman. it makes my dick get hard thinking about how much more fun it is to fuck a real woman

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