My 200th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!(kinda sorta)  

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7/17/2006 7:09 pm

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My 200th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!(kinda sorta)

Ok people, this would have been my 200th post had I not deleted the first 165 of them like a dumbass! Let me first say Welcome Back to QueenofBitches69 A.K.A HeartlessBitch69 A.K.A. HotnBothered0414! I missed you alot sweetie, don't pull that shit again!

I was wanting to avoid a long and drawn out 200th post but I really can't think of anything better to write. Some of you have suggested that maybe I should write this post about my past 200 lovers and say something about each one of them. HaHa fat chance! I could very well do this but I'm not, this info will go to the grave with me.

Instead I guess I'll just give you 200 things about me. Please try not to fall asleep while reading this post! Ok here goes, these are in no particular order....

1. I joined this site and started blogging on 11/10/05.
2. I was a Gold Member up until recently.
3. I have 12 testimonials on my profile.
4. I have 182 people in my friends network.
5. My purity score is 12%
6. The reason that my purity score isn't lower is cause I've never been with a guy and I have no desire to.
7. I have 3 piercings in my cock.(6gauge Frenum Ladder)
8. I prefer brunettes and redheads over blondes.
9. I prefer thicker cut women over skinny ones.
10. I prefer large breasts over small ones.
11. I prefer bubble asses over flat ones.
12. I prefer natural or trimmed pussy over shaved ones.
13. I absolutely hate chinese food.(that shit is foul!)
14. I love Southern, Italian and Mexican food.
15. I have never had a disease or any major health problems.
16. I don't work out but I have alot of physical strength.
17. I graduated high school in 90'.
18. Supposedly my I.Q. is 150+.
19. I prefer not to mess with married women but do from time to time depending on the person
20. I have 3 children. A daughter 12, a son 10 and a daughter 4.
21. I have never participated in a gangbang and have no desire to unless it's all chics.
22. I love american muscle cars and import sports cars.
23. I was born and raised in Roanoke Va.
24. I've only been married once.
25. I got married in 94'
26. I got divorced in 04'.
27. I am very mechanically inclined and can fix almost anything.
28. I have 6 tattoos, only 2 are professionally done.
29. I have given probably 12 tattoos to friends down through the years.
30. I hate jail food!
31. I am pretty much a jeans and T-shirt guy but I do clean-up well when I want to.
32. I had my hair long for many years and I'm thinking about growing it back again.
33. I have one 31 yr old brother and no sisters.
34. I have a Southern accent in my voice that the ladies claim to find sexy.
35. I am not a biggot but I am a very proud Southern White Man.
36. The PC that I use is an upgraded Dell XPS 400.(I love my Dell)
37. I have been online since about 94' but I've been using computers since the early 80's.
38. I don't consider my self to be an exhibitionist but I've had sex on an open cam before.
39. I love the smell and feel of leather.
40. My favorite cologne is Eternity by Calvin Klein.
41. My cock is average length but very thick.
42. I hate bagels.
43. I smoke about 2 packs of Camels a day.
44. Most of my neighbors get on my fucking nerves!
45. My first three-some happened on my 21st b-day.
46. I have had more three-somes in the last several months than 1 on 1 sex.
47. The longest I've ever eaten pussy was 3 hours solid.(I'm not even lieing)
48. I'm not a big fan of toys in the bedroom.(Never really needed them)
49. I am a member of ALT but I never go there anymore.(It's lame as hell)
50. I dabble in BD/SM and Alternate Lifestyle from time to time.
51. I am not a member of an organized religion but I'm probably closer to being a Pagan than anything else.
52. About 90% of my friends are female.
53. I don't some weed but I love to drink.
54. My favorite car is a 69' chevelle SS customized to my specs.
55. I hate NASCAR but love drag racing, rally racing and Le Mans type of racing.
56. I have never fisted a chic and I'm not sure that I'd want to.
57. I love Seiko watches and I've had several.
58. I hate boxer shorts, I've tried them and they are not for me.
59. I generally date around my own age but will go higher or lower if I run into the right person.
60. I've only been to a beach once in my life.
61. I hate beer, wine and champagne but love malt liquor, liquor and mixed drinks.
62. I was about 16 the first time I ever made a chic squirt.
63. I don't care for convertible cars unless it's like an old Cadillac.
64. I like moonroofs and T-tops.
65. I was 16 the first time I kissed a girl and lost my virginity to her as well.
66. I have had sex in snow, rain and in mud.
67. I have alot of self confidence now but didn't have any growing up.
68. I believe that the only justice in the world is the kind that you go get for yourself.
69.I love riding in airplanes but hate heights.
70. I hate athletic shoes, I'm always either wearing boots or barefoot.
71. I hate condoms! They often don't fit well due to how thick I am and they take away any pleasure that I might get from sex.
72. I prefer long hair on women over short.
73. I hate talk shows and professional wrestling. This is some of the stupidest shit I think I've ever seen on TV.
74. I watching sports unless in participating in them.
75. Trust is a funny thing with me, when you lose it you may never regain it with me.
76. I am very true to my word. I do not believe in making empty promises or idle threats.
77. I prefer large breed dogs over small ones.
78. I hate cats unless they happen to be like a panther or a tiger. I wouldn't abuse them but I think that they are practically useless creatures.(no offense to the cat lovers)
79. I keep my home very clean and most or my visitors can't believe that a single man lives here.
80. I have cut my own hair for like 5 years now.(clippers lol)
81. I hate cops. They make me nervous even if I haven't done anything.
82. I don't have a close family and often goe months and I've even gone several years without talking to them.
83. I am not a member of any political party but the Republicans are on my shit list right now.
84. Women who are overly needy, clingy, attention whores or throw them selves at me turn me off in a big way.
85. I often get called a man-whore but I disagree.
86. I enjoy blogging and was once highly addicted to it.
87. I think that the most exotic pet I've ever had would have to be my iguana or my chameleon.
88. I can't stand to see an animal mistreated. I will gladly stomp somebody's ass and have done so over this.
89. I don't litter and it plucks my nerves to see someone do this.
90. I am pretty good at reading body language and a person's eyes. The body and eyes often tell things that the mouth will not.
91. I have very good vision 20/15.
92. I like to take pride in anything that I do unless I'm pressed for time when I do it which I hate.
93. I like Ranch Dressing on all kinds of food.
94. I love to cook but often don't cause I'm the only one usually here.
95. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall cause they aren't too hot or too cold.
96. I often sleep with my bedroom open way into the winter so that my body will adapt to the cold. Apparently this works cause I very rarely ever get sick.
97. A woman's eyes and her smile are usually the first things that I notice on her.(I can't check her ass out if she isn't facing me!)
98. Intelligient women turn me on! Stupid ones get on my nerves quickly.
99. I don't care much for clothes so I'm usually naked while I'm at home unless company comes over and depending on the company the clothes may very well come right back off.
100. My favorite TV shows are things like Law And Order and alot of the old stuff that comes on the TVLand network.
101. I like Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Motley Crue, Godsmack, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and other music like this.
102. I am a very straight up person. Some people can appeciate this and some can't.
103. I love camping and hiking when I get a chance to do them.
104. I love photography. Not just sexy pics but other things like animals and landscapes. It relaxes me.
105. I'm not a poet and probably couldn't write poetry if my life depended on it.
106. I'm not much for an artist freehanded but things like technical drawing, blueprints and schematics I accel at. I once won an award back when I was in school for my ability at this.
107. I've never attended college.
108. From the time that I was a child I wanted to be an architect when I grew up but I spent too much time fucking around with people and things that I shouldn't have and never made it happen.
109. Something that really bothers me is to see a person piss away their potential to do bigger things in life.
110. I don't watch the news or read the newspaper normally cause it depresses me.
111. The movies that I like to watch are things like horror, sci-fi and some comedy from time to time depending on who is in it. I also like The Godfather movies, Scarface and many others.
112. The last concert that I attended was Motley Crue back in March.
113. I prefer Walmart over any of the malls around me. I can get in, get what I came for and be gone quickly.
114. The fastest that I've ever driven on a public road was around 150mph. Gotta blow that carbuerater out from time to time!
115. I've owned 3 mortocycles in my life, all small dirt bikes.
116. I'd like to build a street bike one of these days from the ground up.
117. My eyes are very sensitive to light and I hate going out in the daytime without sunglasses.
118. I hate excessive make-up on women. I hate going somewhere with a chic that's all painted up like Halloween! Most women are naturally beautiful and don't need that shit anyhow. I think a little bit to bring there eyes out and maybe a little lipstick is all a girl should ever need.
119. I drink alot of caffeine and get bad headaches when I go a day without it.
120. I can take or leave a blowjob but eating pussy is a must in my book!
121. I think that chics that swallow are much hotter than ones who don't. (sorry ladies)
122. Anal sex I can do or not do. I'm not opposed to it but it doesn't really get me excited either.
123. I love women that can get really wet. The wetter the better!
124. I burn alot of incense and scented candles in my home.
125. My favorite soft drink in Mountain Dew.
126. The last piece of jewelry that I bought was a solid 18kt gold ring with 3 nice 1/4 carat diamonds in the top of it. This ring is often mistaken as a wedding band in some of my old pics but this isn't true.
127. I prefer Coke over Pepsi. lol
128. I have a large stuffed white tiger that sits on my bed when it's made and looks very realistic. Lol, It's scared a few people. This is always hilarious.
129. I don't fully understand why Americans depend so much on imported goods when we can produce everything we need here.
130. It really pissed me off to see American jobs sent to other countries.
131. I often get told that I'm a smooth talker and can talk my way into anything.
132. My high score on Super Collapse 2 is 9,950,000 !
133. I read very well but don't read books or magazines very often.
134. You can tell when I write a blog and I'm tired cause my spelling sucks and I've even left out entire words before.
135. I still type with only one finger but I'm pretty damn quick with it. Some find it entertaining to watch me type.
136. The only pictures on the walls of my home are of my children.
137. I am a practical joker and I'm always doing crazy shit to my friends.
138. I love doin shots and double shots of tequila.
139. I don't care much for swimming pools but I love hot tubs.
140. I've had sex in a hot tub outside, in the dead of winter in several inches of snow on the ground. That is off the hook, you should try it sometime.
141. I'd like to get married again someday.
142. I do not sing or play a musical instrument.
143. I would love to make QueenofBitches69 and MofunNowWow my collared pets! lmao
144. I think cyber and phone sex are retarded.
145. I have a pounding headache right now from sitting in front of my PC too long.
146. I'm not much on seafood but I love shrimp and crab legs.
147. I tan very well in the summer.
148. I think that a nice tan is sexy on a woman.
149. I'm great at giving advice but horrible at taking it.
150. I love a challenge.
151. I've had a Black Widow that I caught behind my mom's garage as a pet.
152. I clean my piercings with mouthwash cause it does a better job than alcohol.
153. I enjoy teasing women during sex cause it seems to make them cum alot harder than if you don't. Plus I like to watch them squirm!
154. My home theater system cranks out 1000 watts and I use it to get back at my neighbors when they piss me off.
155. I think that I would fall over dead if I ever logged on to this site one day and everything worked like it should.
156. I've had alot of luck with this site. I've made many friends and had alot of fun along the way.
157. I can't stand fuckers that don't have the guts to tell you what they really think about you to your face.
158. I think that very vocal women are alot of fun in bed.
159. I wear between a size 11 and 12 in boots depending on how they are made.
160. I could probably stand to lose about 15 lbs but it's not something that I normally think about.
161. I would love to visit Europe some day. Scotland and Germany in particular.
162. I do believe in UFO's.
163. I haven't actually seen any UFO's
164. I watched all 3 of my kids being born and cut the cord on them as well.
165. I think sex on a first date is perfectly fine if it feels right.
166. I can and have put my own stitches in a wound before when I've needed them. No pain medicine, sewing needle and fishing line.
167. I've never owned an I-Pod and still don't fully understand what they are for.
168. I currently use a broadband connection and I feel sorry for any poor sucker that still depends on dial-up.
169. I'm not very good at poker but I kick ass on spades and rummy.
170. I love to kiss.
171. I am a very affectionate person.
172. I have no fear of displaying affection in public.
173. I am not afraid of commitment.
174. I have driven to another state on a few ocassions for a booty call.
175. It took me a long time to covert over from VCR and cassette tapes to CD's and DVD's but I can't imagine ever going back.
176. I can eat breakfast food at any time of the day or night. Denny's Rocks!
177. I am very particular when it comes to my PC and I run several programs on it daily to keep it safe and clean.
178. The only times that I've ever taken a vehicle to a garage in my life was to get an alignment or to get tires balanced. Why pay someone good money to do what I can do for myself?
179. I've never been on a mechanical bull but would love to try it. What the hell, I'd try the real thing too!
180. I've had an Amatuer Radio license since 96'.
181. My favorite super hero when I was a kid was Spider-man.
182. I think that the fakest looking chic I've ever seen is Pamela Anderson. I feel sure that some Dr.'s and some geeks in a lab somewhere could have created her. lmao
183. I have given a chic 50 orgasms in a night before and can back it up.
184. I have no earthly idea of why blogging appeals to me.
185. My favorite colors are black and blue.
186. When I used to play 'Truth or Dare' as a teenager I always took the dare.
187. I enjoy doing yard work. It relaxes me.
188. From what I hear I'm more like my grandfather that died before I was born that my father that I've known all my life.
189. I masterbate regularly.
190. I think mutual masterbation is pretty fucking hot.
191. I'd love to learn how to play chess sometime but haven't gotten around to learning it.
192. I don't watch much TV, I really don't understand why I own one.
193. I don't live in a small town but it's hard for me to go anywhere and not run into someone that I know. This can be a good or bad thing.
194. I relate better to women that to men for some reason.
195. I love to watch the sun rise and set with someone special.
196. My first car was a 72' Monte Carlo which I dogged the piss out of till the body started to come off the frame so I had to junk it.
197. I love to go for walks whenever I think about it and have the time to do it.
198. I check out internet porn from time to time.
199. I hate telemarketers. They get on my nerves something terrible.
200. I absolutlely hate cell phones! You might as well tie a bell around your neck like a cow or some stupid assed cat so everyone will be able to find you wherever you go.

There ya go! 200 facts about me. I hope everyone enjoys reading that shit cause it was a bitch to write.

Sweetpickles69 47F

7/17/2006 8:14 pm

I guess you don't want me as one of your pets, Huh? & you callme a "Cheater"!


QueenofBitches69 46F

7/17/2006 8:36 pm

You think you had a headache writing it!!!!!!!! I got one reading it Love you anyways crazy man!!!

willing2tryit42 40M
1141 posts
7/18/2006 3:32 am

HAH!!!!!, I read the whole thing eating a sliced ham sammich with Doritos and a Coke!!!!!!! You people gotta learn how to blog properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QueenofBitches69 46F

7/18/2006 11:10 am

willing2tryit42--Why don't you comere and teach me baby

ShyWhisper2006 53F
15175 posts
7/18/2006 10:54 pm

Congratulations on your 200th it all and it is awesome...*smiles*...nice to meet you as well...


7/19/2006 5:56 pm

Congratulations you sexy motherfucker! Glad QueenB is back! Funny how we have so many things in common for instance I was thinking of making YOU my collared pet ROFLMAO!

for up daddy lets get nakey

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

rm_autumngirl61 55F
741 posts
7/19/2006 9:31 pm

LOL, timber, I remember reading a quite list about yourself last winter. It's nice to let people knowing who you really are and what you like, etc.

julie4daddy34 45F
599 posts
7/19/2006 9:54 pm

Damn..and I thought writing 100 things was hard enough. I wont be doing this on my 200th lol. Congrats.

shadow_anon 41F

7/20/2006 7:32 pm

Ok, so now I'm 100% in love with you! Or should that be 200%??? Congrats on the big 200!

timberwolf6972 44M

7/21/2006 8:02 am

Pickles- Lol, you have naked boy or whatever his name is. Besides, all my pets know how to answer their phone when it rings! {=}

Queen- Omg, I will never and I mean never attempt any shit like this again! It gave me one hell of a headache! {=}

Moody- Ty sweetie, I wouldn't have tried reading any blogs this long. I'm happy to meet you, come back whenever you like. Does she really say nice stuff about me? {=}

MzHuny- Yes dear, it's all true and I can prove it! Maybe one of these days you and I could meet up and I could show you! {=}

Willing2try- Lmao, you tell them Willing!

8lodus8 - Ty and YW guys! Yup, it's all true!

Queen- Cheater! Cheater! Cheater! Maybe one day I'll find a girl that won't cheat on me! {=}

Herenorthere- Lol, Take a number and stand in line! Roflmao! {=}

MzHuny- Yup, I'm very happy she is back too! {=}

ShyWhisper- Ty sweetie for dropping by and it's nice to meet you as well! {=}

Spunky- Ty dude! It was a bitch to write.

MOfun- Ty sweetie! I won't be your pet but I'd be happy to have you as mine! Bring it on! {=}

Autumn- Ty sweetie, I thought that 100 list was bad but this is even worse to write. {=}

Julie- Ty sweetie! Yeah don't try this one at home, it's a motherfucker to do! I noticed from mine and your list that we have several things in common. Congrats again on your 100th post! {=}

Shadow- Awwww flattery will get you everywhere! Ty sweetie. {=}

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