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3/22/2006 4:45 pm

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IM'd by my `Aunt' at midnight, 21st March.
Up until now our e-mail exchanges have been fairly benign, almost innocent even.

However, that changed last night when she contacted me. She had been out socialising & had had a bit to drink.

I've always considered my interest in women farting to be just that, a mild interest, & one of bemusement.

But, the extent of her fixation with her own farting is incredible! She was describing each & every fart that she was producing during our encounter, & what she would like to do in my prescence with her flatulence.

She even indulged my pantyhose fetish, as she told how she was removing them after wearing them for 15 hours.
After we had finished, (I put on a condom, in which to masturbate during our on-line fuck), she even e-mailed me photos of her stained underwear!

I found it a very arousing experience, can't wait until next time.

NOTE; This woman contacted me at the beginning of this year, after reading a post I'd made at a pantyhose forum, regarding hearing my mother in law farting in a pair of tights that I'd subsequently borrowed from her.

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