What is my favorite orgasm?  

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6/7/2005 11:15 pm

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What is my favorite orgasm?

What is my favorite orgasm? Hmmm, a question for the ages..

Well, there are my orgasms when I'm by myself getting myself off.. I'm totally focused on my body and lost in my imagination (or all girl porn video as the case might be). I usually like to rub my nipples, feel the connection with my cock as it grows hard and stiff, and then keep rubbing those nipples until I finally feel the tube under my scrotum begin to contract harder, and harder... until I start pumping out my hot cum as I continue rubbing my nipples. That's good. Often times, I may add a small vibrator between my legs pressed up against my perineum or taint. That's always a nice touch. If I'm really horny, a vibrating butt plug can be very satisfying.

Then, there are the orgasms with a partner. The most satisfying for me by far is to be deep inside my partner and feel her pussy swollen and contracting, gripping my cock as I thrust deep inside her getting harder and harder.. until everything around my cock and balls tightens as tight as a vice.. and then explodes with cum as I pump out as much as I can.. The europeans call the pumps "ropes". The more ropes, the more satisfying the orgasm..mmmmmmmm. I also like to climb on top of my partner and rub my cock on her belly and between her tits while she rubs my nipples.. My cock gets harder and harder.. and then tightens with my balls lifting up into my tight sac.. and then my cum shoots out over her stomach and chest.. and on a good night... the cum actually hits her on the chin and neck...mmmmmmmm. Getting sucked can be grand too while she strokes my scrotum and my cock stiffens and responds to her sucking.. and then finally succumbs by exploding with cum running down the head and shaft and into my pubic hairs..mmmm.

Sometimes the orgasms jump from out of nowhere and catch me by surprise.. Most often though I force them back to prolong the pleasure... and keep going.. change the rhythm, change the stroke.. I love the ones that build slowly from the deepest part of the tubes that connect to my cock... and when I finally cum, I can feel the pumping as if it's cumming from the base of my ass... and as my toes curl, I pump every last drop out with an incredible feeling of satisfaction...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I often giggle after cumming.. That's when my wry sense of humor observes this incredibly visceral act and I am quite amused at how worked up I get during sex.. I can't think of a way to have more fun!!!

And so what is my favorite orgasm? Well, it's the one I'm having silly..

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6/8/2005 3:18 am


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