On being a gentleman..  

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6/8/2005 10:51 pm

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On being a gentleman..

One of the first movies I remember seeing with my dad was 007 Thunderball.. Sean Connery as 007 was the epitome of the action hero gentleman. He was suave, debonaire.. and irrestible to women.

My mother always taught me to be a perfect gentleman to women. One of the highest compliments she could pay a man was that he was a real gentleman.

What is a gentleman?

A gentleman opens doors for ladies, he pulls out their chair in restaurants, he opens the passenger side car door for his date.

A gentleman respects a ladies wishes. He may knock, but he only enters when he is invited.

No, my ladies, chivalry is not dead. It is alive and well with those of us who consider ourselves gentleman. You feel safe with us. You feel secure. In the bedroom with you, we can be as hot as blue lightning and as adventurous as any sexual explorer you will ever meet. But outside, we have fine manners and we know how to treat a lady so that she feels special and appreciated. We treat you with respect and affection. We admire your grace and beauty.

But you say, you get enough gentlemanly behavior outside of AdultFriendFinder?? You're tired of just nice guys without the ooomphh? Well, that is where you have to look under the covers to see the man part of the gentleman my hottie friends. There are those of us who are gentlemen outside the bedroom.. and yet very naughty and absolute animals inside the bedroom.

Now, isn't that what you want? Nice & hard.

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