Gallivanting Hiccups #1  

tigerkayu 42M
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7/21/2005 4:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Gallivanting Hiccups #1

The Scene:
***** Club in KL, on a Friday night.

It's past the cinderella hour, and the place is quite packed. I'm plonked at the bar with some buddies, and the conversation has degenerated to news on their favourite football club. Coincidentally, I support a different club.

Looking around, I see a cute young chicki-babe at the other end of the bar, standing there with her girlfriends. This could make a nice photo, I think to myself, chicki-babe standing there framed by her girlfriends and a crowd of other people behind her. The two fellers standing directly behind her look a bit suss though; they don't seem to be interested in any of the girls in their corner.

Chicki-babe and I make eye contact, I raise my glass and give her a smile and a wink. LOL she probably thinks I'm some sort of cheesy perv now... but that's cool, sometimes being old-school tacky can also cari makan what. Chicki-babe actually smiles back - woohoo! But then so does the gay-boy standing behind her, and he gives me a wink back too. *cilaka*

Moral of the story:
Long range come-ons are a hit-or-miss strategy, and sometimes you can hit and miss simultaneously. Big time.


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