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The following erotic story was written by our Senior Research Assistant, MC. MC joined "Tiger Talk" this past Monday. In her first week with us, she has already contributed two very steamy and erotic stories, and she also participated as an observer along with me during the 24-hour Tiger-Lioness Orgasm Study. This has been a long and tiring week. I could not have accomplished nearly as much without MC's assistant. Thank you MC! Here then is MC's story "The Bath".

Nestled together through the night as we sleep, the fire place crackles as the fire slowly begins to fade. You wake up cuddled to my bare body and slowly pull back the comforter and get up to put more wood on the fire. As you proceed to get another log you hear a little rustling coming from the make shift bed. Apparently the creaky floors under your feet has awakened me. You peer out the front window noticing the snow is still falling and already six more inches has fallen since we went to bed. As you watch the beautiful display of snow falling and the icicles glistening in the trees, you hear the floor creak and turn around. All you can see is my gorgeous silhouette in front of the fading fire approaching you. The fire gives my body a glowing effect as you open your arms for me to join. We stare for a couple minutes as the snow keeps falling and periodically we see a flash of lightning in the distance. You separate from me for a moment to go put more wood onto the fire, but I grab your hand and pull you toward me. We instantly embrace and kiss...kiss. And more kissing. I whisper in your ear to put down the wood and follow me. Overwhelmed once again by the intimacy of the moment, you obey my command. I guide you by hand down the small narrow hallway to the bathroom; we enter as you turn on the lights. I reach up and unscrew four of the five lights in the room while sort of biting my lip and gleaming at you with a squint that sends goose bumps up your spine. The room now is faintly lit, and I reach over and turn on the water to the basin style bathtub, check the water temperature with my hand getting the hot and cold mixture just right. My fingers are damp from the water as I lightly flick my fingers at you spraying you with droplets of water. You grab my hand and pull it close to your mouth and kiss my fingers, then lightly lick my fingers and start kissing your way up my hand. You pull me closer as you start up my arm and reach my shoulders with softer and more sensual kisses. You then kiss up my neck till you reach my ear and whisper to me softly "I want you soooo bad." You can hear my excitement in my breathing as I rub my hand on your fully erect cock. I slide my hand into your boxers and rub more and gently stroke. You pull down your boxers pulling me close for more passionate kissing. As our tongues get entwined, your hands are softly running up and down my back and then gently grabbing my buttocks pulling my body close so you can feel my warm body with your erect cock. The feeling is enough to get you to lose your breathe a second and release a light moan. The bath water is full as I enter first and you follow. The tub is not big but large enough for us both to overlap perfectly facing each other. Full of passion, we stare at each other wondering how to procede. I slide up closer and you lean over and kiss me. We split as I adjust my placement in the tub and start tickling your side with my foot. You feel the heat and passion burning in your chest; you reach down and grab my leg and pull my foot to your mouth and kiss my heel and up thru the arch till you reach my toes. You kiss each of my toes as you massage my foot. You can see my emotions on my face as your hand slides down my leg and rubs my pussy. My body is aching for it again as you scoot down and have me slide up your chest. My legs are draped over your shoulders and the tub, as I wrap my arms around the towel hanger and as my pussy is pressed up against your mouth and you begin tongue teasing me. With your hand you spread apart my pussy more, exposing my clit. With soft gently tongue licks, you make me moan. You insert your tongue into me as far as you can get and create circular motions then you slowly slide your tongue back out running it up to the top of my now swollen clit. You suck it in and out teasing it more and more, you start to feel my body shudder and I moan "It feels soooo good," as I softly plead for more. You continue to work your tongue all around my clit and briefly enter in my pussy to taste my sweet wetness. With your hand now spreading my pussy, you slide it slowly and gently down past my pussy to my asshole. You gently make circular motions around and slowly slip your thumb in. Meanwhile you are still licking my pussy and sucking on my swollen clit and my moans of pleasure begin to get louder and my body starts to shake. Sliding your thumb slow and gently in and out, you feel my pussy start contracting and my hips start pushing as I moan "I am gonna cum!" My pussy contracts as you feel my body release all tension as my sweet juices pour from me. I let go of the towel rack and slide down, and we begin to kiss passionately again. You then go down and wrap your mouth around one of my nipples and suck and nibble at it while gently massaging around it. Noticing that you are still completely erect, I whisper to you "Do you still want me?" You moan back "I do". I kiss around your neck and nibble on your ear and softly whisper "Take me." I slide down and turn around on to my hands and knees in doggy style position as you get up and rub your hand down my buttocks till you reach my pussy and start rubbing and inserting a finger. You stroke your erect cock just to make sure it fully erect and then you insert it into my pussy. You place your hands on my hips as you push IN-OUT-IN-OUT...I arch my back and raise my head up moaning with pleasure and you reach down and rub my clit as you are entering IN-OUT-IN-OUT-IN-OUT. Your cock is ready to explode so you slow to circular motion and run your hand back up to my asshole and enter your thumb again gently going IN-OUT-IN-OUT. Aroused with all the heat and emotion, you begin to talk a little dirty to me to try and make me more aroused and cum again. You softly whisper to me...”Do you like that...You want some more....You want to feel my warm cum squirt into you." All I could mumble out was a nod and a gasping "YES!" You begin feeling it come, your cock begins pulsing and throbbing as all the moans and the feel of being in my body gets the best of you. You release your built up fury again, and you cry out a large moan followed by my moan. You cannot move while the sensitive feeling is racing through your body as you feel my pussy, with your cock still in me, contracting intermittently. Finally you pull out and we embrace with another passionate kiss, and I nestle up into your arms in the warm bathwater.

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10/29/2005 10:13 am

BGRS...I will pass along your comments to MC! I know she will appreciate it! Great to learn that you're back teaching again! Feel so happy for you!


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