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"Tiger Talks" is proud to present the following Erotic Encounter as described by our new Research Assistant, MC. MC is a 23 year-old, blonde haired and blue eyed feline from the blogjungle. MC started her position with us today and has already submitted her first piece of exquisite work. With her enthusiasm, MC is bound to go far in our organization. We hope you will thoroughly enjoy MC's first story ...

It was a warm summer evening. We were relaxing on the deck, watching the sunset and approaching storm clouds. It had been a wonderful day, and we decide to go for a swim in the lake. We're swimming around, releasing the heat and stress of the day. We come together and embrace and give each other a tender kiss, just enjoying each others company. Suddenly, it begins to thunder. We swim to the beach, to watch the approaching storm. We sit on a blanket and you wrap us in a towel. With your arm around me, I lean over and rest my head on your damp chest. We're enjoying the romance of the coming storm and the pleasure of each other. It starts to rain. A warm, gentle summer rain. You gently lift my chin and stare into my sparking eyes. I can see the reflection of the aproaching storm and the fire within you building. It's begining to rain harder. We both love storms and are becoming aroused. I lean over and kiss you. DEEPLY and PASSIONATELY. Quickly our tongues become entwined, our arms wrapped around each other. We lie back on the blanket, as the warm rain falling on our bodies heightens our arousal. You leave my luscious lips and begin to nuzzle and kiss my neck, your hands running over my beautiful, rain soaked body. Slowly, you remove my bikini top, exposing my beautiful, firm breasts. A combination of your touch and the approaching storm has my nipples rock hard. You begin to tease them with your tongue. First one, then the other. You firmly suck one nipple between your lips. Gently nibbling on it with your teeth, then sucking on it VERY firmly. You do this to the other nipple...this causes me to moan sofly. I am VERY aroused now, grinding myself into your leg. Your cock is straining to get out of your trunks...I reach down inside them and find your rock hard member. I begin to stroke it's length...I can feel the beat of your arousal pulsing through it's veins. You put a hand inside my bikini bottom and begin to rub my swollen clit. My pussy is as wet as the falling rain...I moan loudly as your hand strokes my clit. I quiver and cum under the touch of your hand. Your mouth leaves my nipples and you trace your tongue down my belly. You slowly remove my bikini, as you continue to kiss down my thighs. As you reach my toes, you begin to kiss and lick back up the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs, leading you to where I want your tongue to go. It quickly finds it's target...your tongue spreading my pussy lips and tasting my juices. You tongue that beautiful ass-hole, and work up to my still hard clit.... I put my legs over your shoulders and pull you in deeper. You suck my swollen clit into your lips....and begin to explore my pussy with your fingers. First one, then two. Tongueing my clit mercilessly...You slowly stick a finger in my ass to add to my pleasure, now a second finger....two in my pussy and two in my ass....going in and out, in and out. Tongue and lips working on my clit roughly now.... I begin to shudder as I cum again. Before my body stops shuddering, you move up and shove your rock hard cock in my ass. Working it in and out....the storm raging all around and hand squeezing my tits very hard...the other working over my rock hard clit. IN, OUT, IN, OUT!!! You leave my tight ass and move up and enter my dripping pussy...both hands working my tits...Your cock slamming my pussy. IN, OUT, IN, OUT....HARDER, FASTER, HARDER, FASTER
.....DEEPER. You're straining to hold back....IN, OUT, IN, OUT....HARDER, FASTER, HARDER, FASTER...DEEPER...your balls slamming my ass. My body begins to shudder and shake...HARDER, FASTER....DEEPER....HARDER, body is trembling and I am moaning loudly.....You strain to hold back.... HARDER
....DEEPER FASTER....IN, OUT, IN, OUT..... working that pussy!!! I hit my peak and that's your cue...You let yourself CUM WITH ME!!! Exploding deep inside me.....gobs of HOT WHITE CUM!!! My pussy drenches your cock with my juices. We lay there for a bit, to catch our breath....your cock softening inside my wet pussy. We are satiated and the storm is now too close. We are covered with sand and decide to go inside and shower....

but that's another story..............

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