"Tiger Style" - The Courtship and Mating of the Tiger  

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10/17/2005 6:46 am

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"Tiger Style" - The Courtship and Mating of the Tiger

OK! Many of you perverts out there have been asking me about the courtship and mating habits of tigers. Don't deny it! I know exactly who you are and all the kinky ALTernative lifestyles you're into! After all, I've read all of your profiles on this website! Truly amazing! I'll guarantee you this ... what tigers do is not nearly as kinky as what some of you ALT Members are doing!

Well, this weekend I've been admittedly preoccupied with college football, NFL football and the Major League baseball playoff games. I haven't been thinking about sex of any kind be it straight, kinky, fetishes, D/s, AC/DC, BSDM, or otherwise.

And now that I can spend a little time educating you in the courtship and mating habits of the tiger, I've decided to break this topic down into three distinct parts - Part I: Sexual Maturation of the Tiger, Part II: Courtship and Fighting for the Female Tiger (Tigress) and Part III: Copulation and Mating of Tigers.

OK, there you have it! Will that satisfy the voyeuristic curiosity of all you sexual deviants out there?

It's Sunday night and I'm in a really bad mood because of some crooked calls by the home plate umpire which caused our St. Louis Cardinals to drop another game this evening to the Houston Astros in the NLCS. If the Cards lose again Monday night in Houston, their season is all over! Guess this makes some of you Astros fans happy, like for instance my new found friend from Texas, "Frisco City Lioness" aka "UwishUcould2005". Well, as Yogi Berra said "It's not over until it's over!"

The next posting then on "Tiger Talk" will be entitled "Sexual Maturation of the Tiger", Part I of a three part series. Please be sure to tell all your over-sexed feline friends out there to check back at "Tiger Talk" to find out how to do it "Tiger Style"!

Well, gotta get back out their on the prowl ...


Tiger Dick

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