I Had A Dream About You Last Night  

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I Had A Dream About You Last Night

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I found myself cuddled up with a pillow...wonder who I was thinking of? Would have loved it if you were there with me all curled up together. You on your side with you legs slightly bent and I there right behind you all tucked in with my legs bent right up with yours and my hard warm cock tucked snuggly between your thighs. I have my arm draped over you and around your stomach holding you tightly to me and your head would fit in the space between my chin and neck. I'm going to have fun waking you up. I breathe my warm breath on your neck as I start to gently kiss and lick you. I slowly rub your tummy and work my way up to fondle your breasts. Then I start nibbling at your ear and move on to licking and kissing your neck I reach down behind you and between us and start to massage your already warm and wet pussy. Once I it’s all sloppy wet I rub some of your lovely juices all over my cock head and then I slide my girth into you slowly...inch by inch...until I’m all the way in you...stretching your sweet pussy as I slowly began to stroke my length in and out of you and you start to moan with ecstasy and writhe against me pushing your sexy ass into my pelvis…grinding it against me. Then I slide my one arm under your neck and wrap it around you fondling and caressing you and holding you closer. My other hand I use to touch your face. I gently hold your head by your chin and turn you so our mouths were right next to each other...breathing our hot and steamy breath heavily into each others faces and mouths. I'd begin to lick your lips around in circles...first your upper lip and then around to your lower lip as you moan and pant...I begin to fuck you harder and you grind against me with more force and motion as we build up our pace and we begin to kiss...gently and softly our tongues begin to dance in and out of each others mouths and we start licking each others faces. Your panting has now quickened and you moan louder now. I roll you over onto your stomach and push your legs together while I straddle your gorgeous ass with my cock still buried deep in you. Your pussy is so wet that your juices have run all down your ass, legs and the front of you. I smear your sweet smelling natural lubricant all over your ass and lick the rest off of my hand. Then I reach up with one hand and begin rubbing on your sexy back and then I grab your hair and gently pull back on it as you're now moaning very loudly while I fuck you hard and fast...driving my cock in and out of you. I start to smack your ass with my other hand making a loud popping sounds because of your cum that I smeared all over it. There are now large red hand prints on you lovely butt. Then I switch hands and do the same to the other cheek as I pump my cock into you. You start to moan...almost yell...loudly...YESSSS....YESSSS...JASON...as you start to cum hard. I quickly pull out and roll you over onto your back and climb on top of you and slip my cock back into your steaming wet pussy that is still throbbing and leaking cum all over me and the bed. The bed is now soaking wet from your juices, but we don't care...all we care about is the moment and holding each other as we fuck. You hold me tightly with both arms wrapped around me and mine around you and we start to kiss as we build our pace again...your pussy is so wet that we slide together without any effort at all. You begin to moan into my mouth as we kiss hard...our bodies writhing together and slick with each others sweat...we are both drenched now. The sheets are too. We throw all the pillows and blankets off of the bed and you begin to cum again very hard this time as I'm pounding your pussy with my throbbing cock your cum starts squirting out as I slide out of you. You start to buck and twitch wildly....you now have no control over your body as it convulses with the forceful and electric pulses streaking out from your hot cunt...I'm still fucking you hard...ramming in and out of you...you continue to cum and squirt as I do it. You claw at my chest and yell out my name.....JAAAAASSSSSOOOOONNNNN!....FUCK ME!...FUCK ME JASON! I oblige as I am still stroking in and out of you. Pumping like I was a machine...a man possessed with his task. I lean back down and lay my body against you and our sweat mingles again as we are both soaking wet and our bodies slide against each other. I slow my pace as shocks and fits of convulsions wash over you…but I don’t stop. Your body is hot to the touch now as you quiver against my length. I slide my cock out of you as I start to breathe very hard and you stroke my cock hard and fast and I start to spray my hot load all over your body as you keep stroking it. It goes everywhere...it lands on your pussy...your belly...your tits and ever your face and hair and runs down your hand. Then while still filled with the throws of my orgasm and twitching I lay on top of you again and you wrap your arms tight around my neck and hold me against you as your pussy is still leaking cum every where and pulsating. I embrace you and kiss your mouth and face lightly and then our tongues begin their dance again and then we settle in holding each other and caressing each other and you moan and giggle with shear delight...I say...I'm not finished with you yet though Lover. I start to withdraw my arms from around your neck and I slide down your lovely body...licking...kissing and caressing every square inch of it as I go...I move slowly and with intent...across your chest left to right and back again. I lick at your nipples and find your right breast...I licking and sucking at your nipple. Then begin to bite at it gently...I roll it between my teeth as I flick it with my tongue...you tilt your head back and moan softly...yesss...ooooo...Jason...that feels so good...as you run your hand through my hair. I move to your left breast and do the same. You rub my back....as if you were petting my Tiger tattoo...I growl at you and you giggle...My sexy Tiger...How lovely you are...I reply back to you with a longing glance as my eyes flicker in the half light of early morning...My sexy sweet lover...how sensuous and lovely you are. I continue to lick and kiss your body...slowly moving down you. I reach you belly and I stop to lick at your cute belly button for a second. Then I continue on my journey on down your body. Finally I've reach my destination. You are still so warm that I can feel the heat rising off of you sweet little kitty. I begin to lap at your pussy…licking up all the juices that still cover it. I nibble at your labia and suck it. I hold the folds open with my fingers and I lick your pussy from top to bottom...you whisper....yeeesssss....and moan lightly. My tongue finds your hood and pushes it up so I can get at your little button. I flick it with my tongue and then I suck it into my mouth while I softly lick it. I curl my arms under your legs and then over the top over you pelvis and my hands rest at the top of your pussy where I can apply pressure and pull the skin tight. Your pussy opens up to me. I start to lick again...all over...rubbing my face in you pussy...getting it all wet. I lick you up and down, up and down and I flick at your button and you are now grinding you hips into my face. You grip the back of my head and hold me to you. I suck at your pussy...pulling your hood and hot little button into my mouth...in and out as you moan and gyrate against my face. Then as I suck you into my mouth...I grip your flesh gently between my teeth and start to flick at your button as it is now swollen. I lap at it and start to swirl my tongue over it creating a little friction with the surface of my tongue. You start to buck wildly against my face. You are now pushing at me...you start to cum again...harder than before as your cum squirts into my mouth...your moans are more screams as all of your flesh is so sensitive now...you push at me harder try to get away because you can hardly take it...but you love it...it feels like pure ecstasy. I grip you tightly and continue to lap at your pussy. You settle into it as you begin to convulse. I make your orgasm drawn out and long. You grip the back of my head tight. I slow and begin to pull away and you can hardly move now. Your legs are like lead as you try to shift beneath me. You smile and pull me close...That was wonderful...I can't thank you enough my Sweet...I owe you for that one Sexy...then as you kiss me you slip out from under me and flip me over onto my back. You now have me pinned. Not as helpless and worn as I thought. The weight of you body focused on my crotch as you straddle me and you have my wrists pressed into the bed...gripped...I am your prisoner...a willing one though...you have your Tiger trapped. You start to kiss me as you loom over me. You then slide your legs down straight as you lay you body against me as we kiss. Then you begin to lick my face...my lady Tigress bathing me with your tongue...you work your way to my neck and nibble at my left ear...you breathe you hot breath on my neck making the hair stand up at attention. My cock is now hard again. It presses against you. You pull back and smile that wonderful smile at me and you giggle at me and say...my Tiger is about to get his reward and you smirk. You lower back down against me and you lick and kiss at my body as you start to slide down me. You stop and lick my nipples one at a time. First one and the to the other and back again as I start to moan...Yes my Sweet...your kiss feels so good...and you continue on down my body licking at my stomach as it is hard and flexed beneath you tongue. You work you way down me slowly heading for you intended. I can feel you breathe against as I start to breathe harder. You reach me now...you start to lick at the meeting of my crotch and my thigh and I writhe beneath your tongue. Then you find my cock and you spit on it and start to rub it with the palm of your hand while it lays flat against me. I stroke the back of you head. You gently wrap your hand around me and you begin to stroke me while you spit on it again...letting it ooze out of your lips and onto the head on my cock...you feel so good Baby…I mummer. Then you kiss it and begin to lick the swollen bulb of the head of my penis. You slide your hand down my length and you lick down the underside of my shaft. You start to caress my balls and then you reach up and start to stroke it again and you begin licking my scrotum and you suck one of my testicles into your mouth. I am now and running my fingers through your hair and you suck it. Then you let it out and suck the other on in and lick it in your mouth. I moan out...OOH GOD...your so lovely. I've been dreaming of this for a long time now. My fantasy...My Lover for such a long time now I have wanted you. Then you lift back up and hold my cock straight up and you suck the tip into you warm mouth...lapping it inside your mouth. You spit seeps out and runs down the shaft as you start to suck my length into you. Slowly you suck my hard cock...up and down...you begin to build a faster pace...lightly gripping it with your lips. You slide without effort up and down and now I am beginning to writhe under you…God you feel so good. You take it out of you mouth and you lick up and down the shaft and start to swirl you tongue around the head. You find a sensitive spot right under the bulb at the tip where it meets the shaft...you know you have the spot as I moan and grip the back of your head. You concentrate on this spot for a bit as I run my fingers through your hair and say your name over and over...my sweet lover...I'm your willing prey...you have your Tiger and he wants it that way...I've submitted to you totally. You then suck the head of my cock into your mouth with suction and it makes a popping sound as it slips between your lips. You begin sucking it again...up and down...Oh Honey...that feels so good...PLEASE don't stop. I am your prisoner of desire. The pleasure of your mouth is intense. My cock twitches in your mouth and you moan as you've wanted this too. You enjoy sucking my cock. You keep a slow pace as I writhe harder. Lightly...up and down...stopping to take it out of your mouth and lick and swirl your tongue all over the head and shaft. You are now as obsessed with it as I was your sweet pussy. You suck it back into your mouth and slide your gorgeous lips up and down. They're so soft...like the velvet of you pink. You continue to suck up and down as I get closer and closer...I tell you that I'm going to cum soon...you pay no attention to what I say. You're doing what you want to me and I cannot do anything about it. I start to convulse. I'm about to cum again. You slobber all over my cock and start to stroke it while it's still in your mouth. Then you lift your head up and stare at it as you stroke it with your light yet firm grip and I start to cum. It shoots up in showers down on my stomach and your face and hair. You continue to stroke me as I start to quiver and convulse harder. You suck it back into your mouth as I buck against you. I grip you tightly...OH GOD...BABY...as you keep sucking me. Then you slow as shivers of my orgasm still grip me and wash over me. You lift up your head and smile at me...Did you like that my Love...Yes Baby...I loved it...you are such as generous lover. Then you crawl back up my body and lay against me. Our sweat and cum is all over both of us and we lay there locked together holding each other. I moan to you...That was everything I could have imagined it to be Sexy...You moan back...mmmmm...I love to make love to you...we're amazing together...and our bodies fit together so well. We relax there with our eyes closed as you're still lying on top of me. I reach over and grab a few pillows and pull the blankets back over us. I rub your back and hold you...we both squeeze each other tightly. We've wanted this for so long. You look up at me and smile. We kiss passionately and then we collapse in each others arm. Slowly we start to drift off to sleep. My Lover...I whisper to you...Yes, you say...I am as you are mine my Sweet Tiger and we then slip off into slumber. We've earned more sleep as we've just spent the last two and a half hours pleasing each other. We lay there asleep for a while. Each dreaming of what we'd done together and what we're going to do next.

The End

rm_spicenup3 45M/45F

2/3/2007 7:50 pm

That was an amazing story. Very sexy, soft, and erotic. We could definately visualize every part of it. It was a huge turn on and made us want more.
Thanks for the delicious appetizer.

mari_269 39F

4/10/2007 6:24 am

I read it and was speechless..Very very erotic.

maggie508 56F

4/14/2007 8:09 am

Tiger, that was so erotic and sexy. Hot..Hot...Hot

lustyaj 42M/43F

4/30/2007 10:33 am

Wow Jason
You have great dreams. Certainly got the imagination going......

LeechGrailTampa replies on 5/1/2007 7:55 am:
Thanks Lusty I'm glad you like it. It was a really hot dream. I haven't bothered to write anything like this for a while. I either haven't had time or was too busy trying to live out a few I should sit down soon and write some more. Have any ideas for me?


sweetdragonfly27 44F
1 post
9/30/2007 11:27 pm

Hey there babe I loved the dream. I wished I was there in the dream with you maybe I could help spice it up even more if you know what I mean anyway. Can't wait to hear another hint hint.

luv2laughnow 52F

4/5/2008 8:10 am

Great dream...very hot! Thanks for sharing!

rm_cwifedou 42M/41F
51 posts
6/11/2008 10:24 am

MMM Very nice Tiger or Jason which ever you prefer but after reading I will use Tiger grrrr Great writing please share more.

Ashley92577 39F  
1624 posts
8/14/2008 10:10 pm

I had to reread it And it looks kinda familiar....are you sure we haven't met somewhere before? Another life prehaps? You'll see what I'm talking about....oh, you'll see indeed!

"Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it." — Candace Bushnell


rm_daddysbby3 36F

1/1/2009 3:39 pm

Wow that was amazing and has left me w/ a lose 4 words

bj9198 40M/40F
17 posts
1/4/2009 11:52 am

WOW!!! At the moment I can't think of any other response, or better yet, any other lover! The detail in your writing was SIMPLY BREATHTAKING!!! You've got me completely SPRUNG...for I am truly at a loss for words! While on the other hand...my body is having no trouble SCREAMING out the most natural immediate response...my stomach is fluttering, my pulse is racing, my palms are sweaty, and my panties are WAY BEYOND moist! I am now (officially), ACHING for your next installment... Until then...I'll be patiently waiting for the Fierce Tiger to make my little Kitty Kat purrr!!!
xoxoxo {=} Jess {=}

rm_poutygirl28 36F
1 post
1/27/2009 3:19 pm

Very sexy.... Would have rather of been on the recieving end of that dream.

rm_KDwantsmore 52M/52F
1 post
1/11/2011 9:16 am

Hey Tiger, similar to what you did to Dana. She wants it again longer this time. Are you still in lex? Your profile says Nashville. dayplaylexrr at the hoo

Richard and Dana

Hotblonde4U2have 49F  
661 posts
11/11/2013 7:12 am

Very very erotic.

mycat78 38F  
1 post
5/27/2014 5:31 pm

Omg .... Babe that's amazing !!! I can't wait 😉😙😙

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