My first official post  

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2/18/2006 9:59 pm

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My first official post

Well here it goes, my first official post . . or blog I guess its called. The problem is I'm a little bit tipsy, and therefore a little bit aroused as well. And why is that??? Why are those two completely interelated? People get drunk, then people get horny. And unfortunately, when I'm drunk (and horny) sometimes I don't make the smartest decisions . . . but who does? The funny thing is, alcohol is a depressant, yet it makes most people loose their inhibitions and become more outgoing and extraverted. And there is that fine line, where everything is going good and you're enjoying the night, and then you've had that last damn beer, or last damn drink, or hell . . . that last damn sip that you shoudln't have, and now you're beyond the happy, funny, horny person you were . . . now you're the beligerent, mean, ornery person that you hate. I can drink, I'm a freakin' professional (Irish and German heritage guaranteed that), but I'm smart enough now to recognize that "line" and not cross it.

Anyway, I'm just sitting here at about 1am, relaxing and getting ready for bed. I was in the GengerXChange chat room earlier tonight for a little bit and said hi to some friends. I got propositioned many times for some "cybersex", but that doesn't do much for me anymore unless its with the right person. So, my "horniness" has gone unfulfilled. I guess I better do something about taht myself before I explode. So, Goodnight XOX

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2/18/2006 11:50 pm


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