"blond moment"  

ticklesss 31F
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3/6/2006 10:57 pm

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2/7/2007 10:55 am

"blond moment"

Everyone has their blond moments and the other day i had mine! Well it started out i was pulling out my driveway to go to work and we got alot of snow and the snow plow blocked the driveway with snow and the wind drifts made it even deeper.(i live in the country) well i got stuck and opened the door to see how stuck i was and tried again to pull out but the snow was up to the frame of the car. Now thats not the blond moment, this is...well when i had opened the door to see if the car was even trying to move i had stepped out to see how deep it was, well i left it in reverse.....which it was stuck so it wasnt a problem until the door slammed shut and i have automatic locks!!! i was now stuck in the snow, locked out of my car and the car in reverse!(and late for work!)Well i went and woke up my step dad and he used a coat hanger to open my car and then his friend richie that was spending the night cause he was too drunk to drive earlier that evening took his car and pushed my car from behind after shoveling around the car wasnt enough. Well i did get out and got to work not too late, bout 40 min late. The lesson i learned.... ALWAYZ MAKE SURE THE CAR IS IN PARK BEFORE U STEP OUT EVEN IF ITS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! LOL

latindreamsex 49M
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3/6/2006 11:49 pm

It's best if you even take the keys with you too when leaving the car. I had a state trooper in Fla. once tell me it was actually against the law to leave the engine running and run in to check your mailbox at the post office(??)
Nice going though! Definitely blond material.

rm_ltshvfun62 54M

3/7/2006 1:21 am

That wasn't too bad! My daughter had a real good one a couple of years ago. We were watching the movie "Finding Nemo", and during this one part when Dory (spelling?) was swimming down into really deep water, you could not see her because the water was too dark. My baby grabs a flashlight and shines it on the tv screen trying to see where she was. Needless to say, she will never live that one down!!!

4play4her 39M

3/8/2006 8:07 pm

Snow? What's that? It is 87 degres here today and sunny. Shall I send some your way to melt all that white crap? I don't miss shoveling those snowbanks either. Just as you finish the driveway, that damn snowplow comes around again and leaves yet another snowbank!!! Way to go Darlin. I keep telling you...you need to come to Hawaii!

ticklesss 31F

3/10/2006 11:20 pm

im thinking of coming to hawaii

TraysJivesFuzes 33M

11/26/2007 11:07 pm

I'm sure plenty of people have done that but it could have been worse.

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