Why I wanna keep fit...  

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4/30/2005 6:51 am

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Why I wanna keep fit...

I've always been proud of my body. I'm 169m, 72kg and 5% body fat (hmmm, wonder where the fat part is). The rest of me is solid muscle from years of swimming and water polo from my school days, and rugby since I picked up the sport 6 years ago.

I start the mornings with a gym workout. I usually start off with a 20-min run on the threadmill then head for the weights section: Mondays and Wednesdays I focus on my upper body, Tuesdays and Thursdays the lower body and Fridays I do 50-lap swims at the club I belong to. Then it's off to work I go.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings I train with the rugby team; Wednesday and Friday nights, I either do kickboxing or teach karate to kids. It's amazing how much energy I can still pack after work...

...and of course, some evenings I get lucky with the ladies. I'm not fantastically handsome, but I do know women get attracted to me. And that's where I know keeping fit helps a lot with sex. It's not just the aesthetics although I would like to think women get turned on by my biceps or abs.I'm talking performance here, and with my endurance and stamina from sports, I know I can last in bed and even go for seconds and thirds easily...what woman wouldn't want that in a man? I believe in packaging and just as men love a good package (hourglass figure, full breasts, nice face, horny bitch in bed), women would want the same too, yeah?

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