Seduced by the secretary again...  

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5/12/2005 11:36 pm

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Seduced by the secretary again...

She was wearin a woolen top and denim skirt today and there she was sitting at her desk again, and she sent me an SMS message: "Look under my skirt"

So I opened the glass door and she opened her legs-- no panties. She gave me a naughty look, then closed her legs and got off. I was wondering what her intentions were but still had tons of work to do so I went back to my desk and started to look over some contracts.

The phone went off and I had an SMS message again. It was her, and this time it said "Ladies toilet is clear. Come in now". She wanted to do it in the office ladies? That got me excited, and I soon made my way towards the pantry area, made sure no one was around then went in to the ladies, my heart racing with excitement.

I found her standing at the sinks her hair let down and she hiked up her skirt for me to admire her perfect ass. I locked the door and she took off her top and bra, her hands playing with her breasts as she licked her lips seductively.

I went up to her and our lips locked. She unzipped my pants and took my already hard cock in her hands and started to rub.Then she started squeezing my balls gently. She kissed me softly on my jaw where I was injured from rugby training, stroked my face then locked lips with me again. I started squeezing her ass and pressed her closer to me.

I moved my lips down to her breasts and kissed them, my hands sliding between her legs onto her inner thighs and just barely stroking her pussy. I was drawing circles around her nipples with my tongue and she threw her head back in excitement as one finger started stroking her moist pussy lips and slowly probing its way in...she was rubbing my cock harder now.

Then she went on her knees and started giving me a blowjob. I stroked her head as she moved her head forwards and backwards, working up a nice rhythm. I felt like I could come that moment but I didn't want to end the session like that. She then started sucking on my balls and I squeezed her shoulders...God, she's good at this.

I plonked her atop the vanity top at the sink and she parted her legs, beckoning me to eat her pussy. I love the smell of a wet pussy, and I started moving my tongue up and down the length of her pussy. I parted her pussy lips and pushed my tongue deeper in, moving it up, down and sideways, tasting every inch of her. She moaned and pressed my face closer towards her and my tongue found her clit and I started to lave it up slowly, sucking and licking her clit as the same time.

I decided I couldn't contain my desire anymore so she got off the vanity top and she turned her back to me as she spread her legs. I entered her doggy style and started moving in and out of her slowly. She was moaning softly and my hands were massaging her breasts as I thrust into her deeper. One of her hands was holding onto the vanity top while the other moved down to stroke her pussy and my balls. It was erotic to see the two of us having sex in front of the mirror and I really savoured the moment.

She got off my cock, turned around, locked lips with me then pushed my cock into her again. Because I was taller than her, she was tip-toeing and I was holding her up as I slided in and out of her. Using the vanity top as a back support, she propped herself higher and closed her legs around my waist and I thrust deep into her. I guess if our lips weren't locked, she would be squealing with delight.

I got her off me just before I ejaculated. She went down on her knees again and started licking my cock from the tip to the shaft...


We went back to work after our little escapade in the ladies toilet. We were supposed to be having a corporate retreat at an Indonesian resort later on in the month, and I wonder what would happen then.

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