Secretary's Panties, Part III  

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4/29/2005 9:06 pm

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Secretary's Panties, Part III

Went out for drinks with her after work. We headed for a pub called Harry's at Boat Quay near our workplace, and ordered some drinks (Long Island for the lady, Dry Martini for me)

We shared some jokes, we were really standing close to each other, and the smell of her perfume drove me mad with desire. I leaned over to kiss her and she reciprocated, her hand running up and down my thigh.

It was obvious we wanted more of each other, so we headed for my car and she whispered that she never made out in a car before. We took a short drive in my coupe with the roof down, and went up Mount Faber opposite the World Trade Center.

Once up at a deserted space, we kissed and I started fondling her under her blouse, feeling her pert breasts. She had taken off her bra earlier on before she left the office, and the tenderness of her skin and the hardness of her nipples felt divine to my touch. She moaned softly as my mouth went from her lips to her earlobe, down the side of her neck and finally to her opened blouse and exposed breasts, kissing her skin and then licking and sucking her hardened nipples.

My hands travelled down to part her skirt and down into her panties. She was already wet, and the effect of her lubricated pussy allowed me to rub her pussy and clit with ease.

I went down on her and started licking and sucking her pussy, my mind wild as I smelt the musky scent of her. She was turning on the seat as I tasted her, giggling and moaning at the same time. In that moment, licking her pussy juices and my tongue teasing her clit, the smell of her pussy, I never wanted another woman more.

Then she pushed my back on my seat, unzipped my pants and gave me that horny bitchy look, her hand feeling to get my cock out of my boxers. She started stroking and moving her hand up and down my cock, all this while kissing me, hher tongue searching for mine. She kissed me on my neck, my tummy, then she went on to kiss the length of my cock, her hands playing with my scrotum. She kissed my balls and started sucking gently...and i was so afraid I might just ejaculate before we even got to the main dish!

She started sucking and licking my cock and I never had a better blowjob done on me before...I was moulding her firm ass, and I started pushing my fingers into her as she sucked on me. So there she was, fucking on my fingers and giving me a blowjob at the same time.

Then she straddled over, parted her skirt and mounted my dick. She moan as she sat with my cock inside of her...the warmth of her pussy around my cock felt like a relief. She started rocking slowly and i started to thrust in her... first slowly and shallow then harder and deeper. She called out in excitement as my mouth locked on her breasts and nipples as I pushed myself deeper in her, cradling my head between her breasts.

We came at the same time and I withdrew just before I ejaculated. She smiled and said she was on the pill so it would have been all right to come inside of her. Nevertheless, she went down on me again and licked my cock. She loves the taste of come. I would probably have to clean out the leather seats but it was worth it.

Then she commanded me (I like that) to lick her pussy clean then cooed that she would love to make love properly some other time. She made a naughty suggestion about the office. She left her wet panties in my car saying I could have it, and just now, as I smelt her muskiness once more (especially at the crotch of the panties), I had a desire to drive right back to her home and screw her again!

Now I'm beginning to wonder if it would be ackward for the two of us when we meet at work next week.

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