My secretary's panties...  

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4/29/2005 5:42 am

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My secretary's panties...

This morning there was a crack on the frosted glass door to my office and they had to replace it. Now, without the door, I would be facing my secretary directly because of the way our desks are arranged. She's a sweet young thing, really-- college gal who just graduated and was looking for a temp job before heading off to work in the Philippines for the UN or something...

Anyway, to give you a better idea of how she looked, think tight sexy butt, pert breasts, beautiful long hair, eyes that laugh and pouty lips (a la Angelina Jolie) and a healthy tan with hints of bikini lines when she's wearing sleeveless tops.

I get the feeling she knows we're within sights of each other, and her desk doesn't have a modesty panel. She was wearing a wraparound batik skirt this morning and as she sat and cross her legs, the skirt sort of opened up and showed the length of her tanned long slender legs. I was talking on the phone then, and I couldn't focus on the conversation as I was staring at her.

Then it happened... she uncrossed her legs and sat with her legs open. She was wearing a black laced g-string and she sort of rocked back and forth on her chair seated like that for a while. All this while i was still looking at her and for a moment, she looked up and I thought I caught sight of a smile from her.

To be honest, I sorta flirted with her a little on her first week at work and we had a couple of drinks after work-- but we've only chatted over drinks and she's good company. Oddly enough, I've never thought of trying to get her in bed, probably because she reminded me too much of a schoolgirl.

Until today. I feel I wanted to take her then. I get turned on by women in sexy underwear and I had a good view of her panties and he thighs for a good ten minutes or so. In my mind, I was alreay taking those panties off and licking her wet pussy, moulding her and wanting to taste all of her, eating her pussy alive.

Just as we were going off for lunch, I ran into her at the elevator and as it was packed, she was standing right in front of me. The scent of her (Lolita Lempika I think) made me hard, and I swear I felt her press her butt into my crotch. She would have felt my hard dick on her. Once again, I was so damned tempted to reach out for her, grab her and tear her clothes off. Does she really want me or not? As we walked out of the elevator, she turned and smile at me before saying a "see ya later", her eyes hinting of naughtiness.

I must have her tonight... wonder if she's free for drinks after work later...

encantress 63F

4/29/2005 9:25 am

lol..geat certainly turned me on just reading it...need to see how this one unfolds...Encantrees

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