Hedonistic party...the morning after  

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5/29/2005 2:11 am

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Hedonistic party...the morning after

Alcohol and sex should never go together for the following reasons:
(a) alcohol intoxicates and at the same time brings out the true primal nature of Man;
(b) sex is no fun if you can't remember the details.


We left the office at 9p.m. after working late last night. I brought my new boss Alex and the junior managers under me together with 2 secretaries to Brewerkz where we had a nice dinner along the river. Alex loved it. It helped that he was a rugby fan too, since Brewerkz always has rugby on the big screen. We had a good time, and I can't remember when the office had a good laugh after working hours while Donald was still around.

We headed down not to Mohd Sultan as planned, but to China Jump. I must have been too old for the clubbing scene because my guys thought Mohd. Sultan's too lame and unhappening. Anyway, when we hit China Jump, it was down to Alex, myself, two managers and one secretary (who's quite a fox). Clara came over and she was wearing a hot number-- halter top and tight pants. Her outfit showed off her babelicious body, and Alex's eyes were transfixed on her the instant she appeared.
"You lucky devil", he whispered to me when she went off to talk to a couple of friends of her at the club.

"You should see his regular girl", one of the guys quipped. "That one's mild in comparison."
Alex evidently was a ladies' man as well. At 40, he's still got an athletic built, not very good looking but well-groomed, and his wife and family are still in the States. With a five figure income, I'd say he'd be a pretty good catch for ladies who are looking for no-strings attached fun.

After some drinks, Clara and I were swaying to the beat, her lithe body so close to mine and she was rubbing that firm butt against my crotch. I felt myself growing and lusting for her. I kissed her neck and grabbed her closer to me, oblivious to the fact that Alex and company were nearby. Alex and the guys got lucky and there were two other hot chicks at the table. One manager, C.K. was chatting up the secretary, who was showing off her true colours as a party girl. At work, she'd be so meek and kept her head down but last night, she transformed into a wannabe slut. While the rest weren't looking, I slid one hand into Clara's pants and felt her as we kissed. Apparently she's wanting me while I did that.

The night wore on, we had more drinks and quite a lot of hanky panky was already going on. Alex was even trying his luck with Clara, and the two of them got on pretty well. I wasn't jealous at all, and I was chatting up one of the girls who had joined us. Her name was Lina, and half-Chinese, half-Malay, and she had some really sexy moves on the dance floor. I danced with Candice, the secretary too, and the other girl whose name I can't even remember now.

By the time we left the club, we were all high and laughing like a bunch of crazy hyenas. One guy left for home so the rest of us were packed into two cars (mine and Alex's) and we went over to Alex's pad at Pebble Bay. Thank goodness there weren't any road blocks. Anyway, Alex had this cool penthouse apartment at Pebble Bay, the one that was nearer to the mouth of Kallang Basin.

More drinks, and my fuzzy memory recorded all of us stripping off and engaging in pretty hedonistic activities, like some ancient Greek orgy ritual. I remember taking Clara into one of the bedrooms and getting all over her, then when my mind cleared for a moment, it suddenly wasn't Clara any more but Lina. And it went on for the rest of the night: each time I momentarily got off my drunken stupor, I saw a different woman's face and body. Yet it was all extremely groovy and I was all sexed up the whole night.

This morning was a riot when the naked bodies finally woke. Clara was with me lying on my boss's bed in the master bedroom and she kissed me as we got dressed. Walking out of the bedroom, we almost stumbled over C.K. who was lying in a grotesque spread eagle on the floor, his flaccid member flopped pathetically to one side. In one of the bedrooms, Candice was dressing up. When we got to the living room, we saw the King himself on the couch, one hand holding on to the breast of Lina while the other naked girl was lying on top of him. I could have taken his photo for blackmail later on, but laughed off the idea. I led Clara out of the apartment and drove home.

I've got one heck of a terrible hangover now. Clara's taking a shower in the bathroom and we're going for that movie later

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