Day off from work  

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5/18/2005 6:30 am

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Day off from work

Decided to stay in bed today and not go to work. I saw no point: the project's already a week overdue and the reports were still not coming in. And my boss had gone off on a golf trip "sponsored" by the company with his latest Sarong Party Girl toy. I'm keeping a list of his pinching into the accounts and waiting for the right moment to send a report to the main office in New York. Then I'll see that fat ass of his get whipped. *Sigh*... New York. I wish they'd put me back there again. Even though I was born and raised here, Singapore's too stifling for me. Everything's pre-programmed, from the way we study and work right down to the way we play. And we're all expected to comply to standards. You'd think the legislators would barge into your bedroom as you made love to measure the correct angles of entry with set-squares and compasses to help increase the birthrate! Optimal performance, maximum results...*chuckle*

I don't get many moments lying in bed with just my thoughts. This morning, I'm suddenly thankful I get to see the raindrops falling on the window pane of the bedroom's bay windows. Summer and I had been exhibitionists the night before, making out in every conceivable way with the curtains drawn wide open..."The Pretty" and other residents at the apartments opposite would be greeted with a visual spectacle had they happened to look out of their windows or stood on their balconies. Then again, people living in condos aren't exactly interested in the lives of other people...

I was fascinated by the pretty streaks left behind as the raindrops smashed against the window pane. The patter of rain is quite soothing really, and for once, I had to agree with Summer on that New Age environmental sound therapy thing.

She was all snug under the warmth of the blanket. We were both naked below the covers, and she slept, one leg thrown over me and exposed while her head rested on my chest. We looked like we had conveniently fallen asleep after I withdrew from inside of her and she was ready for a wake-up session. I stroked that long slender leg. Smooth, soft, beautiful. And she still smelled nice-- she always had. I reached under the blanket and held one breast in my hand, massaging gently. I wasn't feeling randy; I just wanted to touch her. She stirred a little in her sleep and I kissed her hair. She's beautiful even when she sleeps.

I'm not usually a jealous guy. With the women I dated or slept with, they all came with no strings attached-- even Summer. Yet, as I caressed the length of her and wondering how many men shared her bed when she wasn't with me, I felt a tinge of bitterness. We never talked about things like that since we started seeing each other a year ago. Some things were better left unsaid.

I looked out of the window as I was feeling Summer, and noticed that "The Pretty" was already up and busy preparing for work in her bedroom.

"The Pretty" was a twenty-something Caucasian lady who lived in the apartment directly opposite mine. The funny thing about the way our apartments were located was that we could see what was going on in our master bedrooms and living rooms. You'd think that given circumstances like these we'd shut our curtains up and hide our private lives but I never liked the curtains drawn and for some reason, "The Pretty" never shut her curtains too. There had even been occasions when we'd practically smiled at each other across the balconies and windows, but we never got to knowing each other. And I never seemed to run into her at the pool or things like that. Obviously it would be insane for me to run up to her apartment, knocked on the door and said "Hi, my name's Kian... let's shag..."

From what I gathered, she lived alone. She liked to walk around in a slip and cotton panties, and I sometimes wonder if she did that on purpose knowing I could see her in full view.

"Hmmm...she'd see you walking in your boxers and jocks too, honey", Summer would joke. "You think we could ask her to join us in a threesome? If you're too shy to ask, I will."

The problem with Summer was that you'd never know when she wasn't joking with that naughty smile of hers.

"The Pretty" got up from her dresser. Today she was wearing a blouse and long pants, and as she put on her jacket, I wondered what sort of panties she's got on today. I felt myself going hard thinking about it. She left the room and I suppose she's gone off to work.

I didn't realise I had progressed from Summer's breast to stroking her down there. I felt her becoming wet. She roused from her sleep, and without opening her eyes, she asked softly, "Already?"

I just hugged her and she went back to sleep.

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