Can't remember...  

thunder_styck 40M
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5/9/2005 4:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Can't remember...

...where this picture came from or how it ended up on my personal digital photos collection. She does have a cutesy face though, and that pose with the chocolate in her mouth makes me feel "sexcited"...

...well, was a boring day at work today. Had to go on site to supervise a building project-- I hate to go on site-- makes me all sweaty... although I know there're some women there who love the smell (??) of a sweaty hunk... anyhow, the darned fellas were behind schedule, and half the time I was bellowing at the wankers to work faster until I discovered what was holding them back-- a young foxy looking 25 year old building manager named Samantha with inviting pouty lips and a gorgeous figure (even in her long sleeved man-shirt and jeans) with her hair done up in a bun. Hell, she was the nicest smelling thing on the site!

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