The Weekend  

threeftoflegs 38F
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11/7/2005 8:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Weekend

This weekend was very uneventful. In other words, it sucked big time. I had 3 guys planning on coming to meet me, two actually showed up, the other gave me some bullshit about he was at work and yahoo is restricted there. But he was on here, if yahoo was restricted so is this. Guys forget my husband was Navy I know all about whats restricted and whats not. Im really tired of men who bullshit me. They say they have no trouble keeping it up and have no issues with me wanting double and triple penetration, and say they can go all night. In reality, a 5 minute hardon is great to them. Its not to me, I expect more than that. Then comes the issue of me wanting double and triple penetration, they say they are cool with it till it comes down to it. Lemme tell ya most have major issues with anything other than 1 on 1. Which I clearly state in my profile that I dont do 1 on 1 with men. Ive realized something too, men who cant keep it up take it out on my body. They get a lil too aggressive, hard nipple pinching,turning,twisting, and trying to fist me. Even when I say it hurts they keep on. Men cant seem to realize they have lots bigger hands than me. They CAN NOT fist me. Its pitiful that I invite guys over to fuck, and my husband ends up fuckin me more than they can. Dont take that the wrong way, i love my husband fucking me, but they are there to fuck too, and lots of times they dont do shit. Most of the time my husband is older than the guys also. WTF!!!
Ok, here again with the straight or not issue. Ok, guys say they are straight but will eat their own load out of a woman. Dude, thats not straight to me. I aint having else anyone like that here. Yeah I had one guy over like that, freaked me the fuck out. He aint been invited back and cant get im not interested. Ahhh, I love stalkers!! I want a few more LOL.
Many men ive talked to say theyve never done anal or if they had its only been once or twice. The female always said it was painful. Ive found out why. Yall guys try to ram it in, that aint happening. No wonder yall cant get no ass from a female. Heres a few rules for yall that want to try anal with a woman. 1)Dont use spit as a lube(Seems many guys think its a good lube, its NOT.2)Do use enough lube(We like Probe...its water based and doesnt dry out like some others, or olive oil works well too, only problem with olive oil is ya all greasy afterwards).3) Dont try to jam it in.4) Do be very gentle when putting it in. DO let HER, not you control the movement. She'll let ya know when its ok and then ya can control it. Well good luck yall and have fun.

fuckufacedown 46M
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11/9/2005 12:33 pm


you sound like you have a really cool open relationship, and you 2 know how to have fun. if a guy really wants anal from a woman, try licking the ass first, and be patient with her...... keep up the good work with your blog......

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