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11/3/2005 7:34 am

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Polite People

Its rare to find polite people on here. But, ill be damned if I didnt find one last night. Here's his email to me.
I just read your article on Men who beahve like children, and it inspired me to look at your profile.I fail to meet the criteria that you lay out from a number of physical standpoints, so this is not about getting together. (Notice there was no "but" in there.)I just wanted to say that your profile seems very clear and to the point. There is not anything ambiguios about it. I actually find this very refreshing, albeit rare.The real problem you are facing is simple. People do not read. When the do read they, do not see. We also have spend A LOT of time working on our profile, and it continues to amaze me how little reading people do.Unfortunately this loud and vocal majority, give the few good men out there a bad reputation.
For what it is worth - from where I sit the problem is theirs and not yours. Some people "get it", and some don't. The guys acting like kids don't "get it" (in more ways than one.)

Now thats all it takes someimes, just one kind, polite person. See, he understands he isnt my type nd he's ok with that. Too many are really really rude and nasty if you arent into them. His mail was so refreshing...Thanks again...But he only stated the truth in his mail.
On to my next gripe. Why is it because im not into interracial of any kind....which btw is stated in my profile and they contact me and I say no thanks, im trash because im not into them. WTF!!! That is so fucking ignorant if ya ask me...different people are into diferent things. That just happens to be something I wont do. No matter what yall think, its not because im racist or whatever. Everyone is entitled to say no if they dont like something.
Yay, tomorrow is Friday...I love Fridays!! Until later yall...

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