Hard To Get Along With  

threeftoflegs 38F
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11/18/2005 9:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hard To Get Along With

Damn that full moon!!! The last week, men who have contacted me have been nuthin but hard to get along with. Makin big issues out of nuthin. GRRRRR! They should understand, if they read my profile and I contacted them back, that even if they didnt meet every requirement apparently I was willing to make a exception for them. But no, they gotta harp on something, and make the issue bigger than it is. Attitude also goes a long way too ya know. Like this one guy for instance, he wanted nude pics, which were in my profile. But he was standard so I understand cause I am also. But at first I wouldnt send because im very wary of men asking for pics, too many times they ask for pics and they disappear after that. He made a big deal that it was only fair because he had nudes in his profile and all. Duh, so did I. But me being standard also didnt count. We got past the pics issue. Then came the is your husband bi part. I state very clearly in my profile he is straight. Idiots!! People need to learn to read. Then he said he had never done mfm. Thats fine with me. Then he said my hubby could be around somewhere just not in the same room and not fuck me at the same time. OMG!! Where does he get off telling me who can fuck me and where my husband is "allowed" to be while he's here. He needed to think a little bit on the situation. 1. its my husbands home thats hes in. 2. my husband is letting him fuck me. I think my husband has a right to be wherever the fuck he chooses. Then he asked how was I gonna make him comfortable. At that point I was totally feed up with him. He was a bit of an ass to start with. He told me I was another one that was gonna miss out on a good fuck. LMAO!! When you have a shitty attitude like that, I know from experience, you arent gonna be good in bed, most likely he woulda had erection issues and blamed it on me like they love to do. My new rule is, hey if im affecting your hardon, get the fuck out. Plain and simple.
I am so tired of men who claim to read my profile then ask stuff like is your husband going to be there or is he bi. All of which the answers are in my profile. To answer them yes hes always here, I dont play without him here. Its a safety issue, and fuck no hes not bi. Men do not turn him on in the least.
Now the new question I get is am I going to be the only female here. Fuck yeah, I aint sharing my cock with anyone. Its funny they say they can last and all, and theyd need another female to take over for me when im done. I havent found one yet that has lasted like they've said. So even if I werent the only female here, the other woman or women would be left wanting more just like me. Dont that suck? Good luck to all, and blowjobs for all the hot guys out there.


curtthecuteone 30M
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11/19/2005 11:44 am

just have sex and have fun.. whats with all the bickering and pickyness. lol and age has nothing to do with being mature, life experience's has alot more to do with that.. its to bad y9oru so picky cuz ur really cute..

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