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11/13/2005 11:07 am

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Well, I had a nice weekend. We had no partying planned or anything, so that way it was a nice weekend with just the family, and didnt havta wonder if I was gonna get stood up or not. I had several emails this weekend tho. One from a 41 yr old, 61 yr old, married man,and another who was cool until I gave him my "quiz". He failed, badly. Older men, no offense, but dude im 27....I am in no way interested in fucking someone old enough to be my father. Thats why I say in my profile I want single men 21-35. If you arent that, be on your way, you are only wasting your time. I want what I want. And old men are NOT one of the things I am looking for at all. I got an email from a married man also. He said in his profile he wasnt getting enough from his wife. Dude, that in no way is my problem or do I care. All I know is, you didnt read a profile, otherwise you wouldnt have emailed me. I want SINGLE men, not attached or married. One guy who was cool and had nice body and all. But I gave him what I call my "quiz", he failed it. He wouldnt mind eating his own cum out of a woman if he was the only one that had cum in there. Man....I find a lot of guys that would do that. OMFG!!! I cant have men like that here...cause to me thats one step away from sucking a dick. And dammit im the only one in my house that sucks cock.
Men seem to think that I say and act like im perfect. I in no way think that of myself. I am my worst critic and my own worst enemy.LOL But again, when I read peoples profile and I see im not something they are looking for, I go on my way. I dont bother them and call them nasty names or whatever. Everyone has the right to be with or not who they choose. Why bitch and gripe over things you cannot change. Lots of men here want 1 on 1. I think they are good looking guys but I dont do 1 on 1. I dont email them back being a bitch or anything of the sort. Just look for someone who is interested in the same thing I am. Its few and far between but once in a while I do find one. Good luck yall.

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