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10/27/2005 1:57 pm

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I have been trying to figure out why people(mostly men) contact me from places like Germany, Sweden, UK.Basically far away places. I live in NC,USA. LOL I know they arent gonna come meet me from that far away. Hell guys dont want to come from 15 minutes away to come meet. So I know men from lets say California or another dayum country arent gonna come. I mean lets be for real, im not stupid, I wouldnt expect them to. I sure ashell wouldnt, no matter how good the person looked.I mean dont get me wrong I am totally flattered by most of the IM's and emails I get. But why the men from Germany, Sweden,etc?? The women there take lots better care of themselves than American women do. When im planning a meet with someone and its a lil far to travel, im so sick of the "are you gonna make it []worth my while if I go there". Come on dude, if ya are just a bullshitter, go ahead and say it now. So I can move on and find someone that isnt into wasting my time.I guess its just one of those mysteries that will never be answered.LOL

rm_Cordifolium 58M
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11/8/2005 2:52 pm

High 3, It's not so bizzare as you might think - I had a woman over from Texas when I lived in the UK, and I visited with women in Texas, NM, Colorado, Arizona, Utah - this year I've gone from Mediterranean France up to Amsterdam in Holland and had return visits (OK, not just for a couple of hours).
Return plane trips from London UK to my local airport can cost less than $1 (+ taxes) - and thats over 1,000 miles each way ! A nice relaxed weekend by the sea, sun, mountains - why not ?
I'm not a commercial traveller, but I am curious
On the other hand, I am upset at not finding women locally on AdultFriendFinder - most seem to have visited last back in August, or really live on some south sea island . . .

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