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There is this man and he has suspicions of being inected by a tapeworm..
At the doctors office he gets his tests done and yes they confirm his fears. He does have a tape worm.
Worried he asks the doctor,"What should I do? How can I get rid of it?"
The doctor replies, "Well there are a number of treatment options but I'm going to recomend that you try the homepathic remedy."
"I'll do anything." The man pleads.
"ok well turn around and drop your pants. I'm going to shove a boiled egg up your ass and in 4 min. I'm going to shove a cookie up there. This is the procedure that you too must follow to extract the tapeworm."
"This seems extreme doc."
"well you're going to have to trust me. Remember 4 minutes then the cookie."
"ok." the man repiles pulls up his pants and goes home.
He does just as the doctor instructed for a week. Back at the doctors office the man complains that he feels no better and wants to try some other treatment.
The doctor ever conifdent in his practice asks the man to remove his pants and prepare himself for the egg.
The man does as instructed and the doctor shoves the egg up his ass.
Then they wait 4 mins. pass. The doctor does not shove the cookie up, ten minutes now have passed when the man is about to ask what's going on, the Tapeworm pops his head out the mans ass and yells, "WHERE'S MY COOKIE BITCH?"


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9/12/2005 3:19 pm

happy to be the supplier....
glad someone thought it was funny...


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