fantasy # 1  

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9/4/2005 12:16 pm

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fantasy # 1

My favorite sexual fanasty begins with me and a woman meeting casually, like at the grocery store. In conversation we discover that she has dated my husband and never really got over him. I sugest to her that the three of us have dinner or drinks, to which she invites me to her home. That night. I call my husband and he seems pleasantly surprised to hear the news. He says he'll be there after work.
I focus all my attention on her now and drink the drink she has brought me. She is gorgeous, I reach out to touch her face, she places her hand on mine and slowly guides it down the curve of her neck to the swell of her breast. I feel the firm nipple in my palm and with two fingers lightly squeeze. Her hand begins exploring my breasts, we move toward each other, and meet with our soft lips in a eager kiss. Her lips part and I flick my tounge over them, and explore her mouth. She tastes like peaches. She pulls me closer with one hand on my back and the other finding its way from my knee to the hemline of the skirt I'm wearing, then under the skirt to the fire growing between my legs. My hands reach for her and find that she is waxed, smoother than velvet. The kiss becomes hungry, and our breathing begins to deepen and quicken. We break contact to remove the few pieces of clothes we are wearing. I stop and watch her undress, I see the gracefull way she moves and ache to touch her again. She looks up at me stareing at her our eyes meet and we come together like magnets. Standing our breasts touch and nipples rub softly at first then with every kiss gaining in passion we press our smooth skin together, drop to our knees and lay down. She is first to cover my body with gentle kisses and occasional nibbles. Her hands feather over my skin and goosebumps run across my body. She moves her focus to the pulsating, dripping flower between my legs. Two fingers rub my ciltoris and she slowly begins licking my innerthighs moving closer and closer to the fire. I moan I want her to consume me, I hold my breath and she plunges her fingers into me and begins sucking and licking the swollen button. 'Oh my god' in seconds that seem to last forever I am there over the edge and shaking. I look at her she is looking right back at me with a devilish grin.
It is my turn to taste her. We switch, she lays down and I hover over her beautiful body. Wanting to prolong both her desire and mine I place my hands on her feet and massage. I slowly put her toes in my mouth and move my tongue over them. I make my way up her legs with kisses and licking untill I come to the sweet garden of this goddess. I see that she is as aroused as I and put one finger around her opening, place my lips to her bud and open the doors to her flood gates. I have never tasted anything so sweet, the juices are running down my chin and onto the sheets below us. We are immersed in the intensity of passion, we don't hear the doorbell or the click of the bedroom door as my husband walks in.
The air is thick with moisture and he can taste the sex floating in the room. Instantly he is hard, he reaches out and guides me to the edge of the bed. I pull her with me and keep my face buried in between her legs. My ass is lifted in the air as he penetrates me. Over and over again I feel him thrusting his swollen member into me. His hands have a firm grip on my hips. She is vibrating underneath me and explodes on my face. Just as I am ready to cum, she moves to lick me again. There is no more holding back and I shreik with ecstasy. The room becomes very bright and dims at the same time. My husband pulls out and cums all over my ass. She moves again and tastes his cream. She moans as he enters her and I begin to kiss her mouth, I can taste my juices, and his juices together. Soon she is vibrating and he cums inside of her. I watch them fall away from each other and we all lay exhausted in the sweet smell of our sweat and sex. I am the first to drift into darkness, sleep consumes the three of us. When we wake it is day, he has to go to work and so does she. I shower by myself and head home. "What a great night." I think out loud in the car. I hope we can do it again.

thr3sum 33M/F
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9/4/2005 4:06 pm

yes it was she that inspired me today....

take it sleazy,

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