ahhh Lucy..to feel that kind of power, right there in my hand.  

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8/29/2005 8:32 pm

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ahhh Lucy..to feel that kind of power, right there in my hand.

People have been promising me things my whole life... "i promise that you will always have a home here.." From a neglectful aunt..
" i'll buy you a huge steak dinner when you finish high school." From the Uncle in the previous entry.
"when you turn 18 i'll give you this gun."
From my cousin's husband.
I was 13 when he told me that. He used to take me shooting in the desert. I would climb onto the back of his motorcycle and grab ahold of him bracing myself for the speed and sheer power of the bike. We arrive at the shooting range, wich is really a big space of desert with a couple things to set targets up on. I would take her in my hands and "squeeze" the trigger and feel the explosion in my small mits. What a rush for a 13 year old girl. At that time that gun, the shooting, was better than the meaningless sex i had just begun to explore. And now here she is a .357 revolver. Laying cold in my lap, sparkleing in the light, six shots,that beautiful gunmetal color... the smell of fresh oil and polish.
Finally a promise kept, I sit here with the gun, i think i'll call her Lucy. I haven't fired Lucy in 8 years. tomorrow i'm going to the range and i will feel all that power right there in my hands. It turns me on....

***I would like to add that I don't plan on hurting anyone with my Lucy, and I hope I never have to.***

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