What just happened?!!?!??!  

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10/28/2005 12:35 pm

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What just happened?!!?!??!

I'm having this conversation and this man walks into the room and I can't think of anything. My mind totally shut down the few words that came out of my mouth that I know he heard were,"Try something older."
It took me like 3 minutes to remember what I was saying to my compainion. She thought the whole thing was pretty funny. She however doesn't get that not only did my brain turn off my body turned on. It felt like there was this electric wave running through me. I looked at him and he was grinning. We were frozen in time. He looked away and so did I.
I love my husband.
This man was not my husband.
This man is old enough to be my father. And I was in his wifes house at the time....
So why now am I haunted by that moment?
Because I felt it and I know that he did too.
I think that if circumstances were just right....
I'd have sex with him. Not to hurt a friend (his wife) but to experience this man.
I have been daydreaming about it. I've been unable to control my thoughts, thinking of hiding on the side of the house kissing him and touching his skin. I find myself thinking of sucking on his swollen cock right there outside his wifes window. I think of him penetrating me again and again out in the laundry room.

It's been getting me all worked up today. Then I feel like a jerk because his wife is a friend of mine and I could never hurt my husband like that...He is also friends with them. The idea of a threesome doesn't fly right in my mind... I just want him, and the possibility of being caught, but not getting caught of course. I know though that if I can get away with it once I'm bound to do it again. Thats where we would get into trouble.

I wonder....what does he think? Would he?

take it sleazy-

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