I wish that i could record my dreams  

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9/23/2005 4:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I wish that i could record my dreams

so that i could watch them over and over again.
Especially the one I had this morning. I'm ill and I wanted to get more sleep today because this is the last leg of the first part of our move. I took half the dosage of NyQuil and went back to bed after seeing my love off to work. Back to bed, I fell asleep instantly, and dreamed that I was in LA at a after party for some award show. On my way to the front door of the hotel I accidentally bummped Pamela Anderson into the fountain. So I offer to help her out and she just laughs and pulls me in too. Now we're sitting next to each other laughing and soaking wet in the fountain. Now because I have courage in my dreams I leaned in and kissed her. To my surprise she kissed me back. We were making out in front of a hotel inside of a fountain!!!
I heard cameras clicking and could see flashes through my closed eyes. She pulled away and helped me to stand up. I said to her,"no one will belive this."
She told me,"sure they will, because now we are in love."
It was said with such matter of factness that I knew it was true. We were in love.

I went to the party all wet and all the guys there were laughing at my story cuz they didn't belive it untill there was a knock at the door and in she walked with a bunch of flowers for me. She grabbed me and kissed me long and hard again... we made our way to the bedroom and the phone rang.
the dream was over,
I was bummed but I'd rather have dream sex with her anyway.... she slept with Kid Rock!! YUCK!!!


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