'Tis the season  

thr3sum 33M/F
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11/28/2005 11:54 am

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'Tis the season

SO now that the family went home I can get the run down of my weekend out here for all to see....
My husbands Father came in to town Wed. night and stayed until last night. He rode the train in and when my husband was dropping him off at the station he decided to help him with his bags and got on the train. Before he could turn around and get off they shut the doors and locked him in. They refused to stop and let him off, they were moving after all. So in a panic he calls me and tells me what’s happening. We only have one car and it was at the station parked in a tow away zone and basically out of gas, and on top of that my hubby has all the funds. So I panic... and call my mother in law for help. She and her husband are not home and not answering their cell phones. I had to interrupt a friend and beg for help. "Can i please get a ride to the train station?" She is a good friend and agrees. I get to the station and am about to ask for money...i feel awful. The phone rings and my sister-in-law says, "I have five bucks you can have for gas." (I forgot to mention that she and her children are at our house for dinner.) So i don't have to ask my friend. (Whew)
The car is bogging out as i go up the hill to get the $5.
I run two stop signs (i had momentum) and get to the gas station. I have no idea where the next train station is and my sister in law becomes my distance navigator. I get on the freeway and drive. I drove really fast in fact i was speeding in the slow lane. I got off on the wrong exit but it turns out to be ok because there is a CHP parked in the bushes of the on ramp that i now needed. He surely would have nailed me speeding. I get back on the road and find the right exit but my navigator has map deficiency and i turn the wrong way and am led to a dead end road. My husband has now been stranded for an hour with out a sweater. He in fact is in shorts and a t freezing his ass off. There is a gas station and he goes inside to get warm and the clerk asks him to leave if he isn't buying anything, so he asks for quarters and explains why he is there. The clerk says "take this" throws him a phone card and says good-bye.
My phone rings as I’m making my u-turn at the dead end. My husband says, "Where the hell are you I'm freezing!!"
I almost hit a coyote on my way back to the main road and i am very upset, but i try to remain calm. The speed limit is 35 but i have to drive like 15 because there are no street signs, i can't find the fucking train station! The drivers behind me are honking and shouting.
Finally I see him standing on the corner. What a relief! I park the car and let him drive. I am so overwhelmed that i snap and burst into a flood of tears.
This family holiday weekend...

I hope Christmas is less stressful.

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

11/28/2005 12:08 pm

Please tell me your last name is NOT "Griswald" ... and that you never call your husband "Sparky."

Your life sounds like my family's. Hope you have a great holiday season.


ByteChaser2 52M

11/29/2005 9:09 am

Family holidays should be banned right? At the very least, each holiday should be followed by one of those "seperate but equal" deals...

I'll tell ya's about my Thanksgiving - though it's not the motorway nightmare you had. Another time... When we've all had a chance to cool off and relax a bit Deal?

thr3sum 33M/F
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11/29/2005 2:13 pm

no we are not the griswalds but i might start calling him sparky...
that would be funny

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