Sensual Massage  

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8/15/2005 10:05 pm

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Sensual Massage

You're tired, worn out, and distracted. I offer you a massage, and you decide that it sounds good, so with no further ado, you take your clothes off and lay on the bed on your stomach. After I got the massage lotion, I take my clothes off, and kneel beside you.

I pour a small amount of the oil on my hands, and rub them together to warm it up. A slight fragrance of vanilla starts to fill the room. I start gently rubbing upon your shoulders. My, are they tense - I can feel the tightness there. Working the oil in, I gradually increase the pressure of my fingers upon your shoulders, and really work at those tense muscles. Slowly they relax, and I gently put my elbow on your back, and pour more oil on my hands.

After warming the extra oil, start gently moving down your back, going up to your shoulders periodically and running my hands progressively further down your back. Oh my, need more oil here, but the scent of vanilla is getting stronger. When arriving at your lower back, notice that it is very tense as well. Thus, I spend more time there relaxing it. By now, occasional sighs of contentment escape you, and now and then you begin to hum. Now that your entire back is relaxed, I carefully rub your whole back with a fair amount of pressure, but gradually begin to not press as hard, until my hands are barely brushing your skin.

More oil is needed, so I again let my elbow rest upon your back while I get it ready. I then begin to work upon your buttocks, and they are very pretty, not being flat at all. Need to tell you more often how much I enjoy watching you walk, and the looks that other guys give you now and then. These muscles are not nearly as tense as your shoulders or lower back, but I lovingly massage them too, slowly working my way down to the back of your left thigh.

Gently, I knead my hands down the back of your leg, being careful not to press the back of your knee too hard. Once in a while, I go back up to rub your bottom and back just to make sure that they stay relaxed. Boy, your calf muscles is tense, must be those high heels you wear because of fashion. Ultimately, I reach the bottom of your foot, and rub the ball of your foot with the heel of my hand. Again, I go back up your leg, behind, and back, and start the process with your right leg.

Once I'm done with that, I assist you in turning over onto your back. Need to move the pillows so that I can sit above your head. Now I use my fingers to massage your face and the side of your neck. Hmmm, your neck muscles are tense, takes a little while to get them relaxed, but they do finally.

Now it's time to do your sides. Since I know that you're ticklish there, I am careful not to tickle you, making sure the pressure of my hands is just right. Whew, that's over. I'm always concerned when I get there that I may accidentally tickle you and make you tense up all over again.

Now I start on the front of your right leg, working my way down to your foot. Your thigh muscles loosen up very nicely, and when I get to your foot, I rub both the top and the bottom at the same time. Working my way back up your right leg, I then switch to your left one.

After I finish with your left foot, I ask you if you want me to stop. In a sleepy voice, you say that you want me to continue. So, I put more oil on my hands, and start massaging your breast with both hands. Oh, your nipples are beginning to harden, getting thick and standing up. While I always like sucking your large nipples, I forgo the pleasure for now, and switch to rubbing your other breast. A sigh of happiness escapes you.

Get a little more oil on my hands, and start gently rubbing your outer labia. After a short while, you begin moving in time with my hands, and I caution you to be careful not to tense up too much as I don't want to have to redo your entire massage. Surprisingly fast, your outer labia open up, and I begin to gently rub you inner labia and clitoris. As I do this, you begin to gasp and moan softly. Oh, what is this? Looks like some of your vaginal lubrication is beginning to leak out. I stop rubbing you, and begin tonguing your clit and vagina. You always taste good, and the small amount of massage oil gives you a vanilla taste. All of a sudden, you cum once, and your vagina begins to leak more. You tell me to stop what I'm doing and to enter you, an order which I happily comply with. After penetrating you and thrusting for a couple of minutes, you cum again, and I do very shortly after. We then rest for a few minutes with my penis still inside you and give each other long lingering kisses. Eventually, my penis slips out of you, and I lay down beside you, with you using my shoulder as a pillow. Drowsily you murmur your thanks for the massage. When I hear you softly snoring, I know that I was able to accomplish what I wanted, which was to relax you.

I slip from the bed, go to the kitchen and set the coffee pot for in the morning. Then I come back to bed, slide my arm underneath you, and prepare to go to sleep myself.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/16/2005 12:58 am

I'll bet you are an expert at this.

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