the night with my babe  

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12/20/2005 4:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the night with my babe

Night with aromatic babe
Your breasts are soft with beads
I can caress the tits with my tongue
Dear, aphrodisiacs rising so strong

Snow wafted like your eyesight
The white sheet spread your long legs
I fiddled your petals in your crotch
Dear, you moaned to beg my entering

The night rippled with your aroma
Your body reflected into the mirror
You asked me to brighter the candle
Said you want me to feel a tremble

Glass glittered with romance
Roses bloomed beside your body
The roses seemed so horny
shes watched us enjoying our nookie

My hands sprawled you figure
Felt the thrilling of ecstasy
I was coming in at length
Your ass in my hands set to dance

We made and made
Until the night came to fade
You suddenly giggled with naughtiness
You told me my hard is luscious

I complimented you body
You said that was birthed for me
I kissed you from the toes to you head
Your weeping broke out from tiny to loud

I said I really really really love you
You said you would like ditto what I have said
“let’s do it again.” I cupped your waist begging
“Let’s do it!” you replied without thinking

we made love under the ceiling
the ceiling garnished with the figures of chickens
I want to eat you out and stay
Accompanied by years go away

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