Oral Delights To Excite  

thinkucankeepup 40M
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4/17/2006 6:44 am
Oral Delights To Excite

Well I originally posted this in the magazine section of AdultFriendFinder. But I decided to just put it here so that anyone who really reads these things could just read it here. I really don't have much to post or report so I guess I will just leave you with this. Till the cow flies over the moon. Over and out. Enjoy.

Ticklish kisses on your undulating hips.
As my warm breath escapes my soft lips.
Sweet delicious frenzied lust begins to eclipse.
The aching pain of want and desire burns internally from your head to your foot tips.
Desire and a thirst for more has you on the brink.
As I torment you slowly in teasing fascination the thought of my actions penetrate your mind till you can't think.
Between your legs I feverishly roam your pelvis region searching for the epicenter of your moistness.
Rolling your hips again in my direction motioning me to taste your sweetness.
Finding my pleasure treasure in glistening wetness for my exploring tongue.
Flicking and licking up the nectar slowly a soft sigh is sung.
Relief is found in our contact of my mouth and your delicious spot.
Your spark is caught by my hunger as I fan the inferno of fire even more hot.
Wicked chills spread across your body and excited goosebumps arise over your smooth skin.
As my linguistic tool's tempo gets quicker and flickers from your hot button and slowly down and IN.
Hard, fast, furious and delicious I dine on your beauty and worship you in the way that sets you body off into orbit.
Your explosion is creeping, getting ever so near and the then... the apex of bliss is hit.
Struggling, fighting the sounds that escape your mouth like a banshee just wailing.
Your spirit and soul are on a high above the clouds my lady you are now sailing.
Riding a tsunami wave after pulsing tsunami wave of bliss.
And all it took was just one special, long, attentive, delectable... kiss.


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