WAYBAC* Sex Series - Maid to Order  

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WAYBAC* Sex Series - Maid to Order

*For those that may remember the delightful engineering of the Waybac Time Machine on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show which was controlled by the braniac dog, Peabody and his sidekick boy, Sherman.

I was divorced from my first wife for about a year now, had purchased a small house because apartment life didn't work for me and had a good job for a nearby pharmaceutical manufacturer in town.

Things were pretty good for me and about to get better.

I found that with the house and the fact that I was so busy with my new found bachelor-hood, I had difficulty keep things clean at the homestead. I kept busy with extra projects at work, played on basketball and softball leagues and just joined a gym. Needless to say, my time was very limited for homelife.

That was fine for me but my home suffered from it. I would come home, change clothes quickly (not putting things away of course) and leaving to go to a game or workout. When I returned at night, I did the same thing and again the same when I left the next morning.

Clothes and dishes began piling up. At first, being the bachelor and braniac that I am...I just bought new clothes to replace those that were dirty. Yes, I had a nice shiny new washer and dryer in the laundry room but would rather purchase new clothes (mainly underwear) than purchase detergent.

Well, one day one of my friends' Mom was over to deliver some food (home cooked meal) and saw the state of my home. Now it wasn't all bad like the ones you see on the news where you have to wade through a foot of human crap or piles of used dishes laying around, rather there were dishes but neatly stacked all over the counter and sink.

I mean, I kept buying new dishes so I didn't have to clean them. Makes sense, right? (c'mon guys, back me up here)

Anyway, she mentioned this maid service she knows from church. One of the members owns this private service and she would put a word in on my behalf. I said, 'cool, that would be fine.'

Well, it was only a day or two when I got a call at the office. The lady was the owner and she had questions about the size of my home, my needs and so forth. We determined that I would need the service twice a week (Tues. and Thurs.) for a couple of weeks and then I could cut back if I decided to.

Due to my heavy schedule, I arranged to hide a key for the maid to pick up and begin work immediately.

Things got started superbly. Tuesday night I got home to a new home. I ws very pleased with what only one day had done to my house. Well two weeks had gone by and I was very pleased.

I was contacted by the owner after the second week to find out how things were, if I was satisfied with the maid and whether I wanted to keep things the way the were or if I wanted to cut back. I said that things were fine and not to change a thing.

Another week had gone by and on a Wednesday, I decided to go home for lunch. This is something that I have never done before but since I only lived 10min from work had decided that it was high time I did.

Well, I got home and pulled in front of the house. My home had a detached garage about 2 car lengths behind the house and it was tucked a little zigzag from the street. So, driving by it, I couldn't see if someone was in the driveway or not. Anyway, I went in the front door, plopped my stuff on the floor, went into the kitchen, opened the fridge door (not noticing the maid was washing dishes just a few feet away) and got a can of Mt Dew out. When I closed the door, that is when it hit me.

The maid was here and it was Wednesday.

Well, actually, that wasn't what stirred me...it was the fact that she was wearing only an apron and her back was towards me!

Yes, your read correctly, she was naked!!!

I cleared my throat and asked very politely who she was and what she was doing? Well, the answer was obvious as she placed the dish that she was drying onto the counter and began to turn around revealing her bountiful bosom to me...she answered, "well, I'm your maid and I am washing your dishes".

Well, I thought..."okay, please continue".

Instead, I said, "Don't you work on Tues and Thursdays?.........today is Wednesday"

Well, she answered; "Yes, but my babysitter changed this week and I thought it wouldn't hurt to come over and working anyway."

I said, "well, yes that is true but...((trying to think of a way to not sound too gay at this point))...you are naked"

She said "yes, I am. I feel comfortable in this house and when I am comfortable I like to strip down and be free of my clothes." She continued, "Does it bother you? Should I put my clothes back on?" as she begin to walk into the other room where her clothes were.

I begin stammering to myself and thinking of the harm she was causing me of working in the nude. I couldn't think of one damn thing!

I replied; "Well, uh, as long as you are comfortable...and well...I do want you to be comfortable and happy while you are working here....". I continued saying..."Uh, do all the maids from your firm do this or..."

Before I could finish she said "no. just me and I'd appreciate you not telling my boss, I could get fired."

I said, "no, no, no....mums the word. I won't say anything."

I had at this time sat down forgetting about my lunch and just starring off in a daze. She went to the fridge, got some ice and put it in a glass. She came over to the table and poured the Mt. Dew into the glass for me. Then she said, you look stressed, have you had a hard day?

Well, she ended that statement to where she had just leaned over across my lap to set the glass down on the table. Her breasts had popped out from under the apron and were dangling just inches from my face. She then said, "since I am here, is there anything I can do to relieve that stress for you?"

I can't prove it but I am pretty sure that time as we know it stopped.

My heart stopped for sure. Sure I am living and I didn't die but I am pretty sure that I missed a couple of beats or more at that moment.

I began to speak something to which I can not remember, she had stopped me at the moment that she took her left breast in her right hand, cupped it, placed her left hand on the back of my head and simultaneously pressed them together.

I took a long lunch that day.

Hell, I increased the number of days that she worked at the house to 3, she came over a 4th on her own and I had a very nutritious meal 4 out of 7 days a week.

My house never looked better too. She was definitely maid to my order!

thinkingway2hard 51M

8/30/2005 12:01 pm

Hey there Valleyrat, how is it going?

Yes, there is life before AdultFriendFinder!

I had a very interesting run for about 8 months when I wasn't seriously looking for dating anyone in particular. Sometimes, it is true that the best things come to those that aren't looking.

I should state too, (where was my head?) the maid's stats...
>5 foot nothing
>36C/D (all natural unlike the ones in the pic)
>Black hair shoulder length
>Full pouty lips
>Good grip
>Great with 'wax-on/wax-off'

Best Money I ever spent!

After her 2nd review and since I stepped up by adding a 3rd day for laundry and such, the maid got enough of a raise to reduce her load so she could concentrate on her more challenging homes (me).

Life was good then!

thinkingway2hard 51M

8/30/2005 8:49 pm

Hey, Anemone1, you found me!

Lunch never tasted as sweet as those weeks in 1997!!

thinkingway2hard 51M

8/31/2005 5:22 pm

Anemone1 - Sounds like you need to create a BLOG!

ValleyRat and I have joined up again. Checkout his BLOG, I've popped up to reveal my banter. He's a good egg.

Well, sweets, those dots I referenced were for those newbies looking for success on this site. I got the formula just not the right ingedients. No matter how you wrap it, boxi, market it, spin it...it is still just lil ol' me inside. Ha!

Well, as I said, MrRoarke2005 served his purpose and I felt that there was a lot of negativity associated with him and well c'mon now that suit suit is a bit dated too.

As Valley would say, "It Was Time To Move On".

While I'm not starting another block of 11yrs like he, I am starting anew with AdultFriendFinder.

As far as Dot 2b-i, that is my email. You can get transcripts there, just send your paypal account number and you'll be billed for $6.95 and I'll throw in one of my commemorative coasters.

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