My Happy Ending  

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My Happy Ending

We all have heard the phrase 'Happy Ending' in reference to a massage. Well, as I am in a constant state of THINKING about pleasure and found myself alone on a Friday mind took over (again).

I thought, how could I get professional pleasure without breaking the law AND not contract some sort of disease? Hmmmm....

As I sit in front of my PC, pecking my index finger to my temple and chanting "Think, think, think...", it dawned on me that there are people who have professionally dedicated their lives to satisfy just that kind of need.


So, I rule out prostitute...don't need to be standing before a judge now or when my divorce case is heard and have this brought up.

No, that was a bit too extreme. Heh! (light bulb turned on), what about an erotic massage? I could could take care of that nagging head ache (in my temple area) and hopefully will receive a 'happy ending' too.

Brilliant! (when reading this and others, please use the voice from the Guinness beer TV commercials)

Now to Google, "Indianapolis Erotic Massage". Wow! so many to choose. Well, after about 30 minutes of browsing the topic and determining just what my needs are (including services, time needed and budget), I found one close to my home.

an Erotic Massage ring was located in the back of a local tanning salon.


I made the call. It was midnight and I made an appointment for 2am.

Well, I decided to plan for another 1st experience to add to my many others. Something I can tell the other guys at the nursing home...only I won't be saying "...when I was in Saigon on leave, I enjoyed the pleasures of a 2 dolla whore named 'Cherry Brandi'...rather "...when I was in the suburbs in '05 after Katrina and Rita hit, I took refuge in the hands of Sara...".

I took a shower, shaved head to balls and got ready. I drove to the tanning salon. It turned out it was closed and I thought that I was mistakened with the address. As I parked in the parkinglot and was reviewing both my printed mapquest map and options, the front door to the store opened partway.

A young gal peered out and motioned for me to come in.

As I said, the store was dark. Oh well, I though to myself, take one for the gipper (or in this case, Valley.). I got out of my car and briskly walked toward the girl.

I said that I had an appointment and that my name was Richard. She said that her 'salon' is in the back of the tanning area and that she keeps the lights out up front to deter those that might actually want to tan.

I asked if anyone else was here and she said that another girl was here waiting for an appointment.

We got to the back of the store, she opened the door and we walked into a very lavish and well-lit area. It was decorated with palm trees and bamboo. She introduced herself as 'Sara'.

I stated that I have never had done anything like this before and requested her to walk me through it.

I notably made some mistakes affront. Like, I asked what I got for the stated price. That is evidently an industry 'no no'. Also, handing her the money in a sealed envelope was again, not the correct way of paying her. Forgive me, but every TV show or movie that I have seen always showed the 'john' (that is me) never handing the cash directly to the girl.

My bad.

Well once we got past those few uncomfortable moments, things went a little smoother.

We went into a booth to where I asked, "what should I wear?'. Evidently, another poor question on my part. She said to relax and remove your clothes. I did and hopped up on the table.

Okay, for those first-timers reading this, if there are towels anywhere in the vicinity then you should undress facing away from the girl and wrapping yourself with a towel.

Again, my bad.

So, sitting up on a table naked and at full attention with eyes popping out, not a smooth act on my part.

Okay. Now to describe the girl, Sara. She was a petite gal of 100# and all of 5' maybe. She had strawberry blonde hair that was just past her shoulder blades. She had green eyes, clean skin and somewhat buxom. I'm guessing atleast a C cup maybe more. She was wearing a white skirted one-piece with a full-length zipper up front. She was wearing a pink cami top underneath and had pink finger nails of medium length. Very attractive young lady. I found out that she was 24 and was doing this as she was going to nursing school.

She told me to lay on my stomach.

For the next 30 minutes (the session was for an hour) she gave me a massage. For the first 5 or 10 minutes, I thought 'what a rip off!, you mean she is going to give me a massage?". But then she was really good at it too.


I almost went to sleep the first 15 or so minutes while laying on my stomach. She had some soft music playing, was rubbing some warming oil and was really rubbing me good. I zoned out for a little bit until she said, 'you can turnover now'.

I did and noticed that I was in a flaccid state. I was soooo relaxed. So, here I was laying on my back naked as this hot young thang was rubbing my legs and slowing making her way up to my waist.

The closer she came to my waist the harder I got. I was thinking, "Okay, here it comes...". But when she got to my waist area she did the darndest thing, she kept going.


Now, I'm checking out the clock and noticing it was a quarter of and she was just now concentrating on my temple area. She was saying 'now this is the area you were talking about on the phone as hurting you...?".

OMG! I forgot I fucking said that to her. Here I paid her $150 so she can rub my temples.

Well, the hour was over, I was $150 poorer and got nothing besides the actual massage. WTF!

I thought, "This could only happen to me...I would pick the only erotic massage therapist that actually gave massages".

Then she said, "How does it feel now?"

Admittedly, my body and temple area never felt more relaxed. I was flaccid again. I had at this point written off getting anything else and just accepted that this was a very nice (and expensive) massage.

I responded and said, "I am sooo relaxed, you did an excellent job...I don't think that I have had a more professional massage ever".

She thanked me for the nice compliment and went on to say...

"does it still hurt here?" as she points to my temple area. I replied, "no, it is much better, thank you".

She then leaned over and kissed one temple, paused and said, "what about your forehead?" after receiving my answer the kissed it and went ahead and kissed my opposite temple.

Now, much like when something goes wrong on the space shuttle and NASA command center goes into a hyper think-tank mode, I began running scenarios as to where this was going.

I came across one scenario where she serviced me and then demanded either $500 or my left kidney for a live-organ smuggling ring she was a part of.

I then asked a question. Knowing full well that along with the others earlier asked, this one may prematurely end whatever she was intending on doing.

"What is to happen now and how much will it cost?"

Well, definitely not the appropriate thing to ask your first date but to an erotic massage therapist I thought it was a valid question.

She paused her kissing, walked around to about my waist area so she could look directly into my eyes and replied...

"Well, I normally don't get to give a full massage because other guys are total asses and only want one thing. I really appreciate you letting me give you a massage. You are my last appointment and I thought I would just enjoy your body for a little bit then give you a Happy Ending".

Just then my heart stopped. Time of death, 3:12am.

As I was making my way to the bright light, the other therapist walked in and indicated that her appointment canceled and asked if she could play too.

Time of birth: 3:13am.

Okay, it is appropriate to play that cheesy porn muzac now because that is what I heard.

The other girl's name was Heather. She was similarly built with a smaller chest with brunette hair. She was wearing the same outfit as Sara.

For the next 30 minutes the night went like...

10min - both girls were rubbing, licking and kissing all over my body.
10min - Each unzipped and stripped down to panties and alternated kissing me and allowing me to suck their titties. Yummmm.
10min - Each alternated by licking, sucking and stroking my cock until I came.

I was in heaven.

I had my Happy Ending and it cost $150.

I arrived home around 4:30am, took a shower and went straight to bed. It was the best sleep I have had in a long long time.


thinkingway2hard 51M

9/26/2005 10:01 am

I hope that I have lived up to your expectations, Valley.

Always trying to please my peeps.

thinkingway2hard 51M

9/29/2005 8:52 pm

Trust me Valley, after an hour of tease, 30minutes with those two ladies was enough to blow my load. No need for extra tokens.

I was quite satisfied with just that. Besides, who knows how many others they have professionally 'deeded' anyway.

No, this was quite enough for me.

As far as lucking out. They were listed as Erotic Massage. So, it is fairly well known that that means at some point in time your gonna 'get off' but since I was not of the life-style, I didn't have the secret hand shake. The listing was in one of our local news rags for the off-beat....or should I say..."beat off". Ha!

Nope, I think that was my first and last. An experience to be remembered but not repeated.

But never say never. Ya never know.

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