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9/19/2005 12:33 pm

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Bye Bye Bi

Well, I did it today. I have been orally curious for awhile now by having a male suck me.

I met this person on Yahoo in the local swinger chat room of my state. He wanted to come over to blow me.

He seemed like a nice enough guy so I thought that I would do it.

Thirty minutes later and he was at my doorstep.

After some pleasantries, I stripped down and sat on the couch in the breezeway. He began to enjoy my manhood.

I waited a few minutes to give this new sensation a fair shake and it was not working for me. His technique was good and he was a pleasant individual. I just couldn't get excited.

I apologized to him and he was nice about it and siad it was no problem. He even offered some advice of closing my eyes and trying to relax.

I did just that and still couldn't get hard.

Finally, I just said no.

He was very understanding and didn't take offense. We ended up talking for about 20 or so minutes before he left.

We shook hands and I told him it was a real pleasure to meet him and that I was sorry that I couldn't of have been more responsive.

He was nice, said he understood and not to think anything of it then left.

Well, that is my bi-experience. I guess you could say that my gay pride flag is at half mast.

To all those ladies that may be put off by me doing this, I was just looking for a good blow job. Reversing the standard that a female knows how to best lick a girl, I figured that this may be a means for me to experience what I have yet to find from a female.

But, suffice to say, you need to be turned on by the other, the 'sucker', before the 'suckee' (me) can get aroused enough to cum. Well, I have crossed this off my list.

Ladies, anyone wish to disprove the current theory of mine...I can't be aroused anough via oral to me, soon.

thinkingway2hard 51M

9/20/2005 3:33 pm

Ahhhh, yes. It is always good to see my fan base chiming in.

I still would like to try a 3-way with two women but then again I don't suppose that would be considered experimenting...only wishful thinking.

Sadly to say, I did have an opportunity of this magnitude a couple of months ago. I had to pass because of not having a place to play. Their place was not suitable, my place was not suitable (ex was still my mrs and living here) and I didn't have access to a means for renting a room. So, after crying my eyes out, I reluctantly turned the offer down.

I had an opportunity to attend an orgy last December. I have a couple of female friends that have shown some interest in attending one with me but I haven't gotten the guts up yet to attend one.

I'd have to say at this point, I'm really happy to just find a normal regular gal that wants to enjoy some discreet sex. Nothing fancy. No high-wire tricks necessary or gear requiring the power of an external power plant or anything requiring wizardry. Just down home, good old fashion sex.

Seems that is the biggest and hardest fantasy to fulfill these days.

Especially at this site. Everyone seems caught up in getting what they can't get or don't dare bring up with the normal day-to-day sex. Which brings up a void for those that are truly seeking good normal sex.

Looking back, I haven't had normal sex yet. Period.

But then again, I'm not sure that I would recognize it or know what to do with it anyways.

So, Valley, I have been quite a little. Lots has been going on in my life to keep me from my satyrical self. Too much tragedy to share with the folks of a fantasy site.

Keep the peace.

thinkingway2hard 51M

9/21/2005 8:36 am

Valley, how soon you forget. Please refer to the following article,, concerning my reasoning for not attending the orgy.

I admit that while looking back, I obviously made the wrong choice.
Choosing one girl over a room full of them...

But, such is life.

I understand the lock thing. Several weeks ago,, I had a similar experience. It was the first full night that the then wife had left me and I had made arrangements for this young thing to come over for some oral fun.

So, here we are in the breeze way with the typical all glass front and back walls and this gal is on her kness sucking the filling out of my twinkie.

Not quite the same as you but similar. All though, as indicated in the BLOG post, I didn't get the same praise as you I didn't however get any jeers.

New post coming later today of my 1st 3-way.

When you can't get what you want presently, it is always nice to step into the WAYBAC machine for pleasant reminders of better sexual times.

thinkingway2hard 51M

9/23/2005 9:29 am

Hmmm, very simply stated...

In and out.
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.

Repeat as desired...

thinkingway2hard 51M

9/24/2005 7:37 pm

I'm no expert, Valley, but I believe what we have here is a 3-way...

...coin toss...

Call it in the air...

'Head' or 'Tail'?

thinkingway2hard 51M

9/25/2005 8:40 pm

so, that explains the extra jumper cables I found in my Ex's night stand.

Hmmmm, whoda thunk it.

thinkingway2hard 51M

9/25/2005 9:33 pm

Anemone1 - I'm sorry, i did stray away from the question a tad. Also, sorry for the lateness of a serious response, but I too had other pressing matters to attend to. You know what they say,

Different strokes for different folks!

Okay, now to address your question of clarifying what I think straight sex is...

Kinda like describing a vodka drink, "straight up". No other additives required.

Understanding that you are a business professional, I'll break it down into three basic groups and go from there. Please keep in mind that this is a culmination of my dream-state memory, watching the Playboy Channel as a late teenager and imagining how The Cleaver's fornicated the Beav. So, if you want a more clinical definition then perhaps Dr. Ruth would be more appropriate (,,prtr,00.html).

Side note: I'm am on my third Mike's Hard Lemonade and am halfway through a 2lb bag of Twizzlers (nature's perfect food).

1) Foreplay
2) Intercourse
3) Smoking

1) Foreplay is simply those actions taken to arouse your partner. This doesn't include handing your date a $50 bill either. However, starting off in a similar manner as indicated by the earlier tease by one, Anemone1,

"Honey, .... Baby, ..... Sweetheart, ..... Darling .... I just love your masculine charms. May I fix you a cocktail? Fluff your pillows?

[standing behind, nibbles on Thinking's neck and traps] You're just so smart! You're like ... the smartest man I know!!

[whispers in Thinking's ear ...] And sexy!! Mmmmmmm .... will you teach me what I need to know?

[rubbing Thinking's neck and shoulders] You know how much I enjoy making you happy, don't you, Lover???

[unbuttoning Thinking's shirt, running hands all over chest] What do you think? Will you help me, Gorgeous?

[kissing Thinking's neck ...] Mmmmmmm ..... I love the way you smell! What's that cologne you're wearing? It gets me excited.

[moving around in front, kissing, licking Thinking's chest] You're just so irresistible. I can't help myself .... Mmmmmmm ......"

But just not to stop there. Keep in mind that the amount of time available for sex totally determines what can be done in each category. I'm assuming that we have all night with this explanation.

So, it is important to state that just because the guy's cock is hard or that the gal is panting mean that foreplay is over and intercourse can begin. Ladies, you think men are ego maniacs? We are nothing without are cocks, you could say we are big pussies. Ha! Pay close attention to our members.

Likewise guys, just because we are hard doesn't mean that the party starts now. Grant it, it is very helpful buttaking extra time in the foreplay stage will pay dividends (cum harder) later.

So, generally doing the following not necessarily in listed order or for any pre-determined amount of time (depending on partipants, sensitivity to stimulants and how good it feels).

a) kissing
b) touching
c) licking
d) whispering/softly talking
e) undressing (remember guys not to wear the one-piece tear-away outfit on your first date...this may provide a damper to the night's activities and you'll skip to #3 (smoking). Although the smoking will be what is coming out of her ears...but I digress.

During the course of these activites then oral sex comes into play. I personally prefer being able to concentrate on either receiving or giving first before moving to a communal enjoyment of respective sex organs by '69'ing. To each their own though.

This pretty much concludes foreplay.

Intercourse is fairly straight forward or for some it may bend a little to the left or right (mine's to the left). Keep in mind, I'm not referring to your political stance either.

Basically you got pussy sex but other kinds of sex may enter and still be considered 'straight' sex. These may include, Anal Sex, Manual Sex and Titty Sex (now, I know that some ladies don't like their breasts called 'titties' but lets face it it just doesn't sound right as 'breast sex'). Too, when I state 'Manual Sex'...I'm not saying that you have the book, Karma Sutra or that a 3rd male named Manualle is present. Manual sex is providing sexual completion (both parties cumming) while being pleasured with your partner's hands. Guys get a handjob and gals get 1-3 fingers. Any more and you get into a different genre of sex.

There are others but I don't include them in the 'straight' sex category.

Finally, Smoking. Simply this is the cool down period. No, guys, this isn't the time inwhich you are climbing out the bathroom window or dropping off your date at the street corner where you picked her up or when you deflate your date and place her back in her packaging.

Rather, this is when she smokes a cigarette and you let your cock smoke. For some this is a time to get the mop and bucket out for some cleaning of the surrounding areas or just holding eachother and basking in the recent memory of some hot satisfying sex.

Hope this helps, Anemone1

OrangeRedCouple 58M/59F
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10/1/2005 9:47 am

Has anything happened recently (early hours today) to require you to update your statement about not being able to be aroused enough orally to cum?
Perilously close to fishing for a compliment/validation but hey I told you I have no shame!

thinkingway2hard 51M

10/1/2005 12:42 pm

What kind of name is 'Mooc69'?

Should be SuperSqrtr or PwrJets or Supersokr or... well you get the idea.

Well, it was quite good and I would say that I did have a HAND in it. So, if anything, I should be noted for the assist. Ha!

I see you found the site.

You will have not problems finding more young flesh to wear out here!

I haven't made it to bed yet! just got home from the attorney's office at 2:30pm!! I am beat!

Seriously though, it is the closest I have even been...absolutely wonderful, Mooc69

thinkingway2hard 51M

10/3/2005 11:50 am

END Result, I was stroking off and when I was nearing the end she pulled my hand away and began sucking my cock all during my release.

It was incredible!

She kept licking and sucking well after I was done and into my limp state. Goodness!! Good to the last drop, I guess.

Valley, you'd like this little detail. We met online at around 1am on Sat. and by 3am she was at my doorstep. We had a very satisfying time togther.

thinkingway2hard 51M

10/3/2005 5:31 pm

Hey now. I've seen your 'FRIENDS' list on your profile.

Just who do you think you are fooling?

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